Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tubby's, Nailsworth

UPDATE: We visited on 4th March 2013 and found that Tubby's is now under new management.  The meal today was very disappointing (tepid food, smaller portions, lower quality), and while we'll happily give the new team chance to settle in before trying again, at present I could not recommend it.
If I'm at home on a Sunday, one of two things might happen, depending on how tired I am: either I cook something suitably impressive (often pie), or we go out to Tubby's for our lunch.

Tubby's Restaurant is set at one end of the Wyevale Garden Centre in Nailsworth, in a massive cafeteria-style dining room. You have to find a table first (no mean feat, on a Sunday) and then queue up to place your order.

I almost invariably order the cashew nut loaf, which is available most days (I say 'most' because the menu is generally a bit variable) but is served with a bonus Yorkshire pudding on Sundays.

Nut roast

This comes served with roast and boiled potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a rich onion gravy (though look out - they hide most of the onions under the slices of nut loaf!). The vegetables vary by season (recently it's been carrots, sprouts, and mashed swede) but they're always fresh and never over-cooked, which is a surprising achievement considering the size of the restaurant. Likewise the roast potatoes are always perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

If you have any space left, Tubby's cakes are also fantastic, but I'm usually much too full from the generous portions - sometimes I share one plate with my husband and I'm still full. The coffee, on the other hand, is hit-and-miss, usually okay but sometimes excessively bitter. That's a gamble I can put up with, though, since the food is such great value.

Address:Tubby's Waterside Restaurant, Wyevale Garden Centre, Avening Road, Nailsworth, Stroud, GL6 0BS
Date Visited:13 December 2009 (and many, many times before)


Sarah said...

Sounds like a lovely dinner. My daughter is a vegetarian and has been the majority of her life, so it's nice to see some interesting vegetarian selection I can prepare for her.
Thank you for visitin sjgourmet and I hope to see you again soon!

Autumn in jeans said...

I'm not a vegetarian but I love learning new dishes and since my doctor has instructed I eat less red meat (I have bad kidneys) and protein filled foods I make a ton of vegetarian type dishes at home. This sounds like a fabulous meal and fun place to eat out at. I look forward to reading more about vegetarian/vegan type foods and trying to incorporate them into our lives as we struggle to learn this new "diet" I'm now on. =)

((PS Thanks for following my blog!! When you get a chance I'd love some feedback on how you found me and why you chose to follow my blog - if you dont mind - I'm kindof obsessive about why people love to read what I write... probably because I just really love the attention / compliments! haha))


Anonymous said...

Oooo, I wish I lived in England! I would totally go there!

"And so our stories go..." said...

I love English food. Yum. It's so delish.

Anonymous said...

Oh that does sound good!

Anonymous said...

That does sound good. You're so lucky to have such a cool restaurant close by.
What's mashed swede?

Kazzy said...

Now, that looks like a real British meal!

Anonymous said...

Used to go there regularly & the meals were excellent. Since being under new management I'm afraid the standard has dropped dramatically.

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