Sunday, 2 May 2010

Your Blogger Profile

Far be it from me to claim to be an expert blogger. I know I'm not. But I've noticed a couple of things which seem to be widely missed, so I thought that I'd publish a (very) occasional series of quick tips in the hope that this might help one or two of my readers.

First up: displaying blogs on your Blogger profile.

You can choose which blogs are displayed on your profile. Many users (and ex-users) of Blogspot/Blogger seem to miss this tiny piece of customisation. If you move to a new blog address, if you leave Blogspot for (say) Wordpress, or if you're part of a private blog, you can tell your profile not to display links to these old, disused, or private blogs.

Here's how:
  1. Go to your Blogspot dashboard.

  2. Click on the 'Edit Profile' link beneath your photo.

  3. Around the fourth line, there's an option called 'Show my blogs', with a linkSelect blogs to display. Click it.

  4. Remove ticks next to any blogs which shouldn't be displayed publicly (e.g. blogs you don't use any more, or which are invitation-only).
This will make it much easier for visitors to your profile to work out where they should be clicking, which will help make sure they don't get confused and give up before they find your main, active blog. Help your readers, guys. If you've got blogs that aren't for public consumption, please, take two minutes to hide them from your list. Thank you!

In other news, I'm due to be featured on tomorrow's Meet'n'Greet Monday over at Midday Escapades. If you're not already familiar with Lynn's blog, you should definitely go and visit her, she's lovely.


arlee bird said...

I am so in agreement with you about this. I find it annoying and time wasting to have to try and figure out which blog is the main blog or even to have multiple blogs with content that is not especially interesting. I've gotten to the point that when I go to a profile that has a bunch of blogs listed or finding the blog seems difficult, then I just skip past and look for another blogger who has the reader's time in mind.

Good point, Rachel.

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lakeviewer said...

Now, I appreciate these tid-bits of blogging literacy. Thanks.

Tabor said...

How polite of you, dearie.

Mary said...

Thanks so much for the tip. I check your feature tomorrow. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I did recently slip over to Wordpress, but want to keep my blogger blog up. However, I'm trying to comment only from Wordpress ID so hopefully that takes care of the problem. :)

HalfCrazy said...

Oh yeah, me too! I find it annoying and confusing to look for people's active blogs. I need to scour 5 or 9 of their pages to find the one oftenly used. Instead of looking which one is active, there's always the close button. Haha!

Thanks for making this known. There's a reason why I only have one blog. That's for everything else.

Kazzy said...

Good tips. Sometimes I wonder about switching to wordpress.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Bonjour Rachel, thanks for the tips, however I have no clue how people have multiple blogs, I struggle to keep up with my one blog... Anyway, please stop by at my blog as I have a little something waiting there for you. Love from London x

vicki archer said...

Such a great tip...It is so confusing when many blogs are displayed and most of them inactive. xv

ScoMan said...

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I can't help noticing this feature started no long after I started stopping by here.

But reading this, I realise I only have the one blog, and I've been frustrated in the past too trying to work out which blog is the active one.

Good advice for people.

Anonymous said...

Good point about the Blogger Profile. I've also noticed that along with the no email so it comes up "no-reply blogger" or something like that.

Thanks again for the great interview at my blog, Rachel! Happy Monday.


JoeyRes said...

That's a good point. I often wonder when someone has five blogs which one they'd like me to visit most. I rarely will make it to every blog the person writes.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Thanks for this idea. I really like it.

The Blonde Duck said...

Great tips!

Me, Myself and Pie said...

Great tip! It can be frustrating to have to bounce from one blog to the next trying to figure out which one you're supposed to be visiting.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from SITS! Thanks for the tip. I need to look at mine.

carma said...

You bring up a good frustrating when it is impossible to find the current blog.

I'm getting ready to transition to wordpress and hoping it works out better than the last time!! wonder if it means I'll be starting all over from scratch with subscribers...will soon find out :D

Holly said...

VERY good point. The profiles drive me crazy...profile not shared (or whatever the verbiage is), this issue, no blogs linked to a profile. If you visit people and you want them to visit must keep current. It makes life easier for everyone!

I missed meet and greet!...real life is getting in the way right now!

Sorry, I skipped the political posts...There is so much crap in the US and it is 1 am and I just couldn't do it and form a rational thought.

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