Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blog Inspiration: June

I've decided to try and give out a few of my Blog Inspiration badges in the first post of each month. I'm hoping that giving myself a kind of structure will ensure I keep this going - and keep me constantly on the look-out for deserving bloggers and new themes.

But first I'd like to thank the Fab Bitch over at The Joys of my Splintered Life in Smalltown for passing me a fab (and not-at-all-bitchy) pink award. Thank you!

Today we have a new badge to say thank you for all the inspiration I get from blogs in the sphere of crafting. I could make a list as long as my arm for this one, but like last time, we'll kick off with just three.

  • The first recipient of this badge surely has to be Elizabeth from Sew In Love; I've mentioned her before, but she's singlehandedly responsible for taking embroidery from my "maybe, one day, but this looks scary" list, to "okay, let's have a go!" And you can't get much more inspiring than that.

  • Next up, Bells from Bellsknits, who lives in Australia and does lacy knitting that I can only dream of (maybe learning lace quickly is a factor of the climate over there!).

  • And finally (for today, anyhow), another knitter who never fails to answer my daft questions and be generally encouraging, Louiz from Random Acts of Yarn.

In the Inspiring Travel category, this month I'd like to give the badge to Shannon of A Little Adrift, who is on a long-term trip and shares her amazing adventures with beautiful stories.
In the Inspiring Recipes category, today's badge goes to Mary of One Perfect Bite, whose daily recipes are always accompanied by an interesting tale, and who always has a friendly word for her visitors.

Recipients are welcome to display the badge (right-click to download the image), and to pass it on if they wish; the only condition is to let me know if you decide to pass it along so that I can check out your recommendations.

Comments are closed; please go and visit some of these lovely bloggers instead. If you want to let me know about passing along a badge, you can do that at the main Blog Inspiration page.

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