Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Enchilada Experiment

I can't be the only person who finds having friends for dinner to be the perfect excuse to experiment. And enchiladas have been in the back of my mind for a while, ever since I learnt how easy it is to make yummy quesadillas.

So, with no more recipe than what I could remember from eating in Mexican restaurants, I set out to try and recreate some enchiladas in my kitchen.

I have no idea how authentic these really were, but they were absolutely delicious - which is enough to prompt me to share the recipe! Maybe one of you who lives nearer to Mexico (that would be most of you...) can tell me whether I got close?


Veggie Enchiladas
Serves 4

8 tortilla wraps
2 red onions
2 red peppers
1 courgette
1 tin red kidney beans
1 tin black eyed beans
mexican spice mix
150g cheese (I used cheddar, but any hard cheese would do)

for the sauce:
1 medium red onion
1 green chilli
2 cloves garlic
2 tins chopped tomatoes
1 vegetable stock cube
black pepper
dried chilli flakes

to garnish:
more grated cheese
3 spring onions
  1. Make the sauce: chop the onions, chilli (discard the seeds) and garlic, and fry until soft. Add the tomatoes, crumble in the stock cube, and add pepper and chilli flakes to taste. Leave over a low heat while you make the enchilada filling.

  2. Slice the onions,and peppers into strips, and cut the courgette into small chunks. Fry the vegetables in a little oil until soft.

  3. Drain and wash the beans, and add to the vegetables. Season with generous quantities of Mexican spice mix (I got mine from a market stall so I don't have ingredients to know what spices are in there).

  4. Divide the filling between the eight tortillas. Grate the cheese and add a handful to each filling.

  5. Roll the tortillas around the filling, and fold the ends over to stop filling from escaping.

  6. Find some appropriate, deep baking containers. Grease them - I forgot to do this, thinking the bread wouldn't stick, and I was wrong! Arrange the rolled tortillas in the dishes.

  7. Top with tomato sauce, and extra cheese.

  8. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.

  9. Slice the spring onions thinly, and sprinkle on each enchilada before serving.
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    Ruth said...

    looks absolutely yummy! and thanks for sharing the recipe...:))

    Joanna said...

    So happy you tried enchiladas! They're my absolute favorite Mexican food, but mine still aren't as good as the restaurant's around the corner!

    Jen said...

    My favorite enchiladas are of the Tex-Mex variety, which are anything but authentic Mexican. Your recipe sounds delicious and I don't think it matters whether they are considered "authentic".

    Sam Liu said...

    I love Mexican food, though I've never been to Mexico - but I'd love to some day. This recipe sounds delicious, I may give it a go :)

    Anonymous said...

    That looks DELICIOUS! Yum.

    lakeviewer said...

    You got it!

    Captain Dumbass said...

    Now I'm hungry.

    The Bipolar Diva said...

    Those sound yummy! Now I'm going to be rummaging around the kitchen!

    Kazzy said...

    Now I am having a craving! My son is living in Mexico for 2 years, but I can't imagine him doing much cooking!

    Jinnia Low said...

    Rachel, these sure look delicious! You're creative to re-create from your memory of eating in Mexican restaurants.

    Mademoiselle Poirot said...

    It's not even lunchtime and now I'm hungry... They look delicious and since you said they also tasted delicious, who cares about how authentic they are? It's great not to get too hung up on following recipes, far more creative this way ;-) Have a great sunday, Love from London xo

    Writing Without Periods! said...

    this looks so good.

    christine said...

    yum - reminds me of the stuffed pancakes we used to eat when you were little:-)

    Melissa B. said...

    I just love getting in the kitchen and whipping up something from scratch. No cookbook needed. And these look so scrumptious!

    MJ said...

    I can't believe you can make things from no recipe like this. I'd never be able to manage it!

    Jeanne said...

    No clue how close they are to the real thing, but they look delicious.

    Chef E said...

    My guess, lol, well expert opinion is they are what I make for my vegetarian Indian clients and they love them!

    Mexican spices, well Tex-Mex and southwest variations are as follows:

    Chili powder

    I find packaged mixes have more filler salt, so you are buying essentially salt, and could just buy what I told you and mix up a jar of your own. Its what I do!

    I say they look yummy and now after eating my asian mix salad of spring peas, mushrooms, arugula, carrots, red grapes, and onion, with rice wine vinegar, ginger and soy dressing- I would rather have had those! Mine was good, but yours look more up my alley :)

    JadeLD said...

    I love enchiladas too and don't really use a recipe either. I like all the ingredients and baking them in the oven makes them so gooey and yummy, it's difficult to go wrong.

    I like the way you've used a mix of beans I'll have to try that.

    YayaOrchid said...

    Authentic or not, they look delicious to me! I'm pretty sure they taste authentic if you used a premade sauce mix. Your pics made my mouth water, LOL! I found a nice recipe that uses the 'lasagna' format: dice up corn tortillas and layer with sauce (or meat sauce) and cheese. Easy peasy!

    YayaOrchid said...

    p.s. bake until heated through and cheese melts!

    Bells said...

    i've been accused of insanity because I often try new things on guests. But I always think cooking for more than two people (ie us) is a great chance to do something different!

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