Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Creative Christmas Countdown 2010

Christmas gives us a perfect excuse to be creative, whether that's in decorating your house, cooking festive treats, or crafting cards and gifts. I'm planning to spend the run-up to Christmas in unashamed indulgence of my creative side, and I'd like to invite you to join me.

I'm going to run one massive link-up over the whole month, where you can enter your favourite seasonal posts on creative themes. Every day I'll be highlighting my favourites on Twitter and my Facebook page.

Grab a button & join in:

There are a few simple rules to make this run smoothly:
  • Posts must have a creative focus and a seasonal theme.
  • Old posts are fine - I know you've got loads of creative ideas that you've already blogged about!
  • Grabbing the button to link back here isn't essential but would be appreciated - tell your bloggy friends so they can join in too.
  • Links must go to a specific post, NOT your blog's homepage.
  • Use an informative title (e.g. 'Gluten-free Christmas Cake') NOT your blog title.
  • Link up as many posts as you like.
  • Links will be edited or deleted if they don't follow these rules.
  • The event closes at midnight (GMT) on Christmas Eve.


Tabor said...

Sounds like fun...hope I am not too lazy or uncreative...we will see.

Ginny said...

Hey, Rachel!! Well, I don't have time to do many crafts anymore, I have too many jobs. But I used to craft a LOT!! So have a Christmas craft I was going to post, and I think I'll enter your link thing tonight!! I may have some others, too, I will look. This will be fun!

Bibliomama said...

Ditto on the lazy and uncreative (disorganized, over-extended in volunteering). I'll enjoy looking at everyone else's, at the very least.

Louiz said...

Goodness! I'm stepping out of the Christmas crazy crafting this year so can't take part but will watch with interest.

carma said...

What a great idea. The pressure is on-- I have no idea how to make gluten free cake since my gluten-free foray lasted but a fortnight

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

We've been crafting sort of like a child sweat shop type of deal. I have my daughter making ornaments for family gifts. She says she's "like an elf but not one that makes toys."

Perhaps I'll have to post the results!

A Cuban In London said...

I'm already looking forward to seeing the results. Many thanks.

On another note, I just sent you a message re the discussion on my blog this Sunday. I hope you got it. Many thanks for agreeing to participate.

Greetings from London.

JadeLD said...

This is good fun, I'll think of some posts to link up this week. I'm doing a lot of link ups this month too - December always inspires me to do a challenge.

Hope you are having a lovely December and aren't fed up of the snow yet!

Jenn Erickson said...

Rachel, thank you so much for this wonderful linky!

Holly said...

I am trying to be jolly this year...bring on the Christmas crafts and cooking!

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