Sunday, 26 December 2010

2010 Retrospective

Compiling my 2009 Retrospective was a great opportunity to look back over the year - so enjoyable that I thought I'd take this opportunity to do it all over again! Same rules: one post from each month, trying to cover at least some of the variety of an incredible year. If you're doing something similar, please feel free to link up at the end of the post.

In January 2010 we lived in a world of beautiful white for most of the month, and one day, I came home to find foxes playing in the snow - they were having so much fun.

I started to learn embroidery in February (one of my goals to achieve before I turn 30), moving on from freehand experiments to a couple of cute kits.

In March I got all geeky, and decided to tell you about my latest language observation - the proliferation of touch-screen typos.

At the beginning of April, we enjoyed an amazing weekend break in the Faroe Islands - and I put myself through paralysing terror for spectacular views.

I did a lot of baking in May, as picnic weather encouraged me to share my creations with friends - the highlight was definitely peanut butter & chocolate cookies.

I spent most of June in Greenland, soaking up the landscape and the culture, and playing with adorable husky puppies.

In July I was back home, and back in the kitchen - reconstructing some chocolate truffles we'd enjoyed in Denmark and Greenland, which had a rather surprising secret ingredient.

The most exciting moment in August's blogging history had to be when my post about why it's okay to use "said" a lot in your writing was highlighted by a couple of big names in literary blogging, and suddenly brought a load of new visitors.

On a trip to Cornwall in September, I found one of my all-time favourite places, a little strip of land sandwiched between salt and freshwater.

In October I went to Leeds to see my friend Kirsty's first art exhibition. The pictures speak for themselves, I think.

November saw a busy month for me, as I struggled to complete NaNoWriMo and a conference paper - but I managed to squeeze in a trip to France, and shared a snippet of my next novel with you.

As for December... well, it's hard to know where to start with so many Christmassy highlights! But I think, of all my Christmas crafts, I had most fun making felt decorations.


Tabor said...

I will try to remember to do this next year for the New Years...perhaps. You will love this archive of your life in the future.

Chef E said...

Oh, I will do this in January for New Year's, as I always forget...You are a special person in my life, so I am happy to have shared things with you!


Ginny said...

This was very cool to read, and it helped to catch me up on you from before I followed you. Well, I love potatoes and I love chocolate, but potato truffles?? Two questions here, how were they and did you have to refrigrate them? I remember checking out those Faroe Island pictures earlier, so strangely beautiful, But I know If I would have been trying to snap that, I would have thrown up!!! How was your Christmas?

Kirsty said...

Aww I'm thrilled I was your highlight of October!I think from March to November light night was the main focus for me, so it's lovely to see how much you enjoyed it. Also lovely to see you after ten years!!

Elisabeth said...

It's a great idea, but I have a hard enough time looking ahead, let alone looking back at what I've written though I should.

Still this is my final year for writing up my thesis. This sort of activity might need till wait till after I submit mid 2012. Thanks Rachel for a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I love pb and chocolate. I might try throwing some pb into my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and seeing how it turns out.

BECKY said...

Hello Rachel! Happy belated Christmas! We had a beautiful White Christmas this year, too! Many wishes of happiness in 2011!

Lulu said...

Love it! This inspired me to set my blog challenge for 2011...memories are too precious to lose!

cornflakegirl74 said...

I love this idea and would really like to chronicle each month in the new year. It sounds as though you had a very eventful and exciting year. Cheers to what's yet to come in 2011!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas, Rachel!!

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