Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Before I'm 30 (Update 3)

Half way.

Hmm, that sounds wrong. Half way to 30 would seem to make me 15 again, and that would just be weird. But I am half way between setting myself this challenge and reaching the inevitable birthday-related end point.

I'm so glad I gave myself this list of goals, honestly, even though I look at them sometimes and understand in my heart of hearts that some of these things will carry over onto the next list (whatever that may be). The list is still motivating me by reminding me of what I planned to work on - even though I sometimes get sidetracked and work on something else instead. Most importantly, it's still fun.

Just like last time, I'll use green for finished items and pink for progress since the last update (January).

I'm also adding a couple of new ones - things that were on my general goal list and now seem likely to happen before my 30th birthday. Cheating to boost the stats? Maybe, but it's good to keep the list both current and challenging.

Previous 6 Jan 2011Latest
6 Jul 2011
Complete my PhDFirst tranche of experimentsMore experiments...
Publish in an academic journalNot startedDrafting a paper
Present at a conferenceOne unsuccessful submission in 2009Presented a short paper & poster in January
Install a woodburning stoveHad the fireplace rebuilt, and purchased stove.Waiting for final fitting
Redecorate the houseCarpentry & plastering done. Waiting for new carpets.Upstairs completed
Install solar water heatingNot started
Build raised vegetable bedsNot started
Go to GreenlandJune 2010
Visit the southern hemisphereProbably New Zealand in 2012
Have visited 30 countriesStarted at 20; up to 23 by Jan 2011.Planned a Baltic trip that will add three to this total
Writing & Speaking
Have a novel publishedDecided to DIY my first book - getting great reviews so far
Finish the Charanthe seriesRebellion (vol 1) complete & editedAlmost finished writing Revolution (#2), and 13k words into Reformation (#3)
Finish writing one standalone novelOdd first-drafts lying around
Record and podcast an audiobookDone some test recordings
Have articles printed in 10 different publications1/10 so far; a few further queries ignored.Writing a travel series for a local talking newspaper/magazine
Average 5,000 hits a month on my blogStarted ~1,500, avg. ~2,200 in early 2010Over the past six months the average is ~4,100
Get a slot on the local radio stationTook a short course in radio production and broadcasting
Take at least 5 public speaking engagementsFound a couple of leads for possible bookingsOne completed so far
Crafts & Skills
Hand-knit a jumper or cardigan for myselfKnit myself a cardigan
Learn embroideryStarted learningContinued with my flag project
Learn 10 new juggling tricksNot started
Use manual camera settings most of the timeCurrently rather erratic
Get my Guiding warrantAround 1/4 donePast half-way
Develop a board gameMade an initial prototype (lots of work still to do!)
Make all my own Christmas cardsAbout half in 2009, all in 2010
Complete a triathlon** NEW July 2011 **Started training
Sew a dress for myself** NEW July 2011 **


Stephanie V said...

I'm impressed with your progress. And how well (and honestly) you've charted the steps to your goals. Good luck with that second half. Who'd want to be 15 again?

Angeliki said...

Wow! Very impressive list and very impressive progress :)The best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Noticed the reference to juggling tricks - do you know about the SiteSwap notation?

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Your goals are awesome and that you are coming so far with them is even more amazing. I feel like a sloth when I see these. I'm going to have to get a goal list going again. Wait. You're almost 30 and I'm past 50. I may be too tired to write that list. Okay, never say die. My goal for the next 6 months is to learn to sew. Seriously, I am going to take sewing lessons. And you have inspired me to do it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your goals. Hooray for training for a triathalon!!!! That one thing would be enough for me.

Jenny Woolf said...

Pretty good going. How long till you are 30?

CeCe said...

I think I may steal your idea and not just focus on vague things I want by age 30 but make real concrete goals. I love seeing the progress you've been making

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