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Thursday, 28 July 2011


No, not poking friends with swords - though that's exactly the sort of thing I'd be likely to do. I spent this weekend somewhat differently: painting wood preserver onto a stretch of fencing.

It's a surprisingly satisfying way to spend time, actually, because you can really see progress unfolding before your eyes. I was a bit concerned about the colour when we first opened the tin, it looked orange - but it dries to a much more subtle shade, and just looks really fresh and clean.

On two successive days I started early in the morning, and worked through until it was too hot with the midday sun. I'm about half way along the fence, now.


Lindsay said...

I love doing chores that allow you to see the progression. So satisfying. Great pics! Oh and I hope you enjoy reading The Passage :)

Jeanne said...

I have the same chore planned for later this summer--after the heat wave breaks. Hope it turns out as well as yours!

yogurt said...

One of those mindless tasks and not terribly hard (no worry about dark paint splashing on light walls). Looks great!

Elisabeth said...

A job well with doing. I too sometimes enjoy the repetitive tasks that give you time to muse and gather thoughts. I do this best while ironing.

becky said...

It's lookin' good, Rachel!! Ambitious little thing, you are.

Charlotte said...

Looks great, Rachel! And it must be so satisfying to see your hard work pay off :)

Rachel said...

It really does seem that you are tackling everything at once! The colour will also weather slightly and become quieter with age.

Unlike some people I know(!)

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