Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Thinking In Streams

I'm on a computing course this week, learning about data processing in a streaming environment. For anyone who doesn't know what that means: basically, instead of writing code to process everything in a database (or a file) that already exists, with streaming data you have to be prepared for new pieces of the puzzle to appear at any time.

Much as learning a new language involves subtle mental shifts (I think of it as looking at the world through a different filter), I find that I have to learn a new way of thinking every time I try to pick up a new style of programming. You have to shape the problem you want to solve according to the available tools (in this case, programming languages and patterns).

The necessary mental shift doesn't always come naturally: it took me a couple of years of object-oriented programming to wean myself off the 'goto' statement. They say that a man with a hammer treats every problem as a nail... this is more like learning how to use a screwdriver.

The exercises tend to deal with small examples of precise points, and are easy enough to solve - but what I'm really trying to learn this week is a new pattern of thinking, and that can't quite be taught.

So far as I can tell with streaming data, the tricky part is in deciding what to grab from the stream of data flowing past, what to calculate, what to keep, and how to update it. It's certainly a fun challenge, and I'm looking forwards to applying it to real problems.


Fly Girl said...

New patterns of thinking are always tough. You change your mind and you can easily change your actions. It's just that it's a deep endeavor to go switching up your through process. I commend you.

Anonymous said...

I've just told my husband he should come rummaging here. He says that programmers often programme with an "accent" based on what they learnt first or most naturally. Coming along afterwards to maintain their code you can learn an awful lot about them!

carma said...

OK, now I seriously bow down - is there anything you cannot do??? you've got brains, creativity, cooking ability, you are crafty....I could go on.....

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