Monday, 24 October 2011

Press Releases

Has anyone else had an influx of press releases lately?

In the past couple of weeks, I've been treated to lengthy missives from a hovercraft company (twice), a provisioner of sustainable living & cookery courses, three publishers, two charity campaigns, an airport, a train company, and America's National Peanut Board (who knew that such a thing even existed?!)

For the most part, I'm left wondering why they contacted me. Anyone who's even glanced through my blog archives would surely realise that I don't rehash other people's stories: I only write about things where I have personal experience. So unless you're going to offer me a ride on your hovercraft (note to friendly hovercraft companies: please do!), what makes you think I'm likely to write about it?

I did respond to one of the book announcements, and the publisher is now sending me a copy of the book (about skiing), so that was productive. I wouldn't mind more like that.

Anyway, I wondered, is this happening to everyone (more than it used to), or have I just now ended up on some list somewhere? If you do get this kind of message, how often do you reply? And how often does it lead anywhere beyond an exchange of pleasantries?


Anonymous said...

I have to say yes, I have been receiving more press releases than normal. I'm actually thinking about sending some out myself, to advertise my book Discovery at Rosehill. And when my next book is ready for launch, I'm going to do the same then! Not sure how to devise the list of recipients however, but I shall seek help!

Thank you for your recent comment on my blog post about the hotel pool, and also thank you for reading about my next book.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

And here I am living just a couple of blocks from the former Planters Peanuts building and no nuts for me. Seriously I get those from time to time and ignore them unless there is a book I'd like to read.

Tabor said...

A year after I make a donation to a charity I get letters from other similar charities (environment, third world, medial). Yes, you are now on lists and this popularity will never end. They want your money.

Anonymous said...

I have to say no, not at the moment. Or at least, not more than normal...!

PerlNumquist said...

Hovercrafts are very cool though, if a little noisy. I think I could happily write about hovercrafts, though probably only if I had seen one or been on one. Anything with such an elegant, if inefficient, principle behinds its operation just cannot fail to spark off some line of thought. In fact, i am going away right now to read about hovercraft because my curiosity is piqued. Splendid!

Sarah said...

Hi Rachel,
I am visiting to say thanks visiting my halloween party post!
It is interesting to read baout your recent emails from companies. I have not received press releases as such but I havd had more than normal emails asking me to tout various products such as financial services. The best one was from a very defeated sounding French person who wrote that they had no idea how to make me mention their service on my blog but had enjoyed reading it anyway! I thought that was quite sweet-either that or fiendishly clever double bluffing!

Jacqueline said...

Yep, I have had a lot of those this week and yesterday I was offered a new car to test drive for two weeks, I mean come on, I write a food blog!

Alan Burnett said...

I am never sure whether I prefer the press releases from those organisations that have targeted me because of some regular content on my blog (obesity and alcohol organisations do this for some strange reason) or those which arrive completely at random. For some reason I was put on a mailing list to receive information about floating docks which are for sale : and I must confess that I have now become a great fan of such things.

Rabbit Hole Report said...

As a charter member of America's National Peanut Board, I'm insulted you've never heard of it! LOL

Seriously though, I don't receive too many press releases -- certainly not from hovercraft manufacturers -- but I can see how the ones from publishers would be appealing. And relevant!

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