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Thursday, 10 November 2011

A New Light-Packing Challenge

We're flying to Turkey tomorrow, with Thomas Cook. They wanted to charge us extra for hold baggage we figured we'd travel hand luggage only. We normally do, anyway, so that didn't sound too hard. It was only when Ichecked the details on our tickets that we learnt that they only allow 5kg of hand luggage.

Now, I'm known for packing light, but 5kg is very light indeed when my camera weighs over 1kg! I've already jettisoned my laptop, and I'll have to wear my jumper and raincoat and boots. I've even reached the stage of wondering what I can carry in my pockets (Kindle? I'm not sure my pockets are big enough!)

What's the lightest you've travelled when travelling light? Are there any airlines with even more ridiculous restrictions...?

Yep, I'm going away again! There are some posts scheduled, and I'll be back in just over a week.


Josephine said...

Going home I go light (without luggage) but not if I travel somewhere--I usually end up having to pay extra for overweight. *cough* Yeees.

But these restrictions are really quite silly! Next thing up, weighing passengers--you know, any way to save, right? Oh heavens, what is the world coming to?

Have a lovely time!

jjdebenedictis said...

When I bought a rain jacket for traveling with recently, one of the things that wooed me was the fact that it had stupidly big pockets. I could pack an entire change of clothing--including a pair of jeans--just in my jacket pockets.

As for your predicament, you can buy travel underwear that can be washed out in the sink in the evening and it'll air-dry by morning. They're expensive, but my husband was happy with the two pairs he bought for his trip to India.

If you don't want to do that, you can also wear several pairs of underwear (and t-shirts) layered one atop the other. Carry a plastic bag in your pocket and you can go to the bathroom once you're in the air and strip off the extra stuff so you won't be uncomfortable during your flight.

Enjoy your trip! I've only been to Turkey for a half-day as part of a Greek cruise, but it was the highlight of the trip! We saw Ephesus and a carpet factory. (Try the apple tea--it's amazing!)

liliannattel said...

I've never travelled that far with just hand luggage. I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Rachel said...

The best I usually manage is hand luggage, but my husband has managed with a conference bag containing a change of clothes and his laptop...
The essentials, however, are your passport, ticket and credit card!

Rabbit Hole Report said...

Happy and safe trails, Rachel. I love the responses you elicited here and hope they help with your quest to travel light. Such a great metaphor for life and emotions, don't you think?

Stephanie V said...

5kg?! Oh, that's a real challenge. I can do carryon for two weeks including a winter jacket. One looks a little like the Michelin Man boarding the plane, though. Hope you have everything that you need.

Josephine said...

Ah, don't compare yourself to your husband! Men find ways to live without so many of life's little necessities. My father always travels with conference bags. Sometimes with just a plastic bag (which he prefers, but my mother always stops him, thinking he looks like a smuggler that way!). Haha. I wouldn't even be able to fit my stash of hair brushes in a conference bag... But then again, I'm not bald, like my father...

Also, I thought maybe you'd enjoy this, in honour of today's date:

Jenn "Rook No. 17" said...

Have a wonderful time in Turkey, Rachel! What part of Turkey will you be visiting? I was in Istanbul many years ago and absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful city!

Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.


Charlotte said...

some great suggestions for packing light, but sadly I don't have any. I tend to bring just what I need-and a little extra-and it's the little extra that makes me go over the limit. Whomp!

have a great time and can't wait to hear about your travels when you return!

christine said...

did you see those very glamorous (not) waistcoats for just such trips on Martin's Money Tips? Check them out on your return, just for incredulity's sake:)

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