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Monday, 14 November 2011

Towers of Tallinn

Someone asked me which was my favourite city on our Baltic tour, and when I said it was hard to decide between Stockholm and Tallinn, asked "but isn't Tallinn a bit too chocolate-box perfect?"

It's true, Tallinn is a very pretty place. But I don't see that as a problem! It's not as though the city was built to be cute: the towers were built with the thoroughly practical purpose of defending the city walls. It's just unusual to have so much medieval stonework still standing. (The disadvantage of this is the huge crowds that come with the cruise ships - but it's easy enough to avoid the medieval city for the few hours whhich the cruises spend in town.)

Some of the towers have been turned into museums; others have been abandoned, or absorbed as part of new buildings. But they're everywhere you look, looming over you as you stroll through narrow streets, or dotted below you if you look out from the top of the hill.










Velva said...

The reason that this "chocolate box" medieval city is still standing is because the workmanship-it's utterly amazing.


Josephine said...

Oh heavens, I totally want to go to Talinn now! I had *no* idea it was *so* pretty!

Rachel said...

I really don't see what the problem is with a place being pretty, especially when, as you say, it wasn't intended to be cute - it was built to be defensible!

christine said...

Can you imagine the horror on the faces of those who built these defensive towers if they were to know that we consider them to be pretty???
They're probably turning in their graves right now!
But they stunning, and so well made to have survived so long.

liliannattel said...

It reminds me of the city walls of Krakow--amazing to be standing.

becky said...

As Velva said, well crafted. It's wonderful that these ancient buildings still stand to tell their stories.

Charlotte said...

I must go here. Your pictures are gorgeous! Love medieval cities (Rothenburg in Germany comes to mind when I see these pics).

Charlotte said...

I must go here. Your pictures are gorgeous! Love medieval cities (Rothenburg in Germany comes to mind when I see these pics).

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