Friday, 6 January 2012

Before I'm 30 - two year review

It's two years since I sat down, on my 27th birthday, and made this list.

That means I only have one year left to make as much progress as I can against the goals I've set myself. And that means I have to get organized, and get ruthless.

Some of these are big goals, like my PhD, towards which I'm making slow but steady progress. Will I finish in time? It's virtually impossible to predict, and not entirely up to me (there are examiners, after all, to examine me...) but I'm still hopeful. I have a reasonably concrete plan, and none of the steps feel too huge.

For others - like learning new juggling tricks - I'm simply going to have to find some time to set aside. But that's a large part of why I made the list in the first place: to encourage myself to set time aside for things that I wanted to work on. Time to stop procrastinating and start doing stuff...

Previous 6 Jul 2011Latest
6 Jan 2012
Complete my PhDFirst tranche of experimentsChanged topic & conducted more experiments
Publish in an academic journalNot startedPapers in draft
Present at a conferencePresented a short paper & poster in January 2011
Install a woodburning stoveFitted August 2011
Redecorate the houseCompleted in August 2011
Install solar water heatingIdea scrapped - not cost effective
Build raised vegetable bedsNot started
Go to GreenlandVisited in June 2010
Visit the southern hemisphereProbably New Zealand in 2012
Have visited 30 countriesStarted at 20; up to 23 by Jan 2011.27: added Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey.
Writing & Speaking
Have a novel publishedIndependently published my first two novels (Rebellion & Revolution) - getting great reviews so far, and reasonable sales
Finish the Charanthe seriesRebellion (#1) publishedCompleted & published Revolution (#2)
Finish writing one standalone novelOdd first-drafts lying around
Record and podcast an audiobookDone some test recordings
Have articles printed in 10 different publications1/10 so far; a few further queries ignored.Writing a travel series for a local talking newspaper/magazine
Average 5,000 hits a month on my blogStarted ~1,500, avg. ~2,200 in early 2010Over the past six months the average is ~4,000
Get a slot on the local radio stationTook a short course in radio production and broadcasting, but decided not to proceed.
Take at least 5 public speaking engagementsOne completed talkTwo further bookings for 2012
Crafts & Skills
Hand-knit a jumper or cardigan for myselfKnit myself a cardigan
Learn embroideryVarious projects
Learn 10 new juggling tricksNot started
Use manual camera settings most of the timeCurrently rather erraticStarted a Project 365
Get my Guiding warrantAround 1/2 done
Develop a board gameMade an initial prototype (lots of work still to do!)
Make all my own Christmas cardsSucceeded in 2010
Complete a triathlon** NEW July 2011 **
Started training
Sew a dress for myself** NEW July 2011 **


Elizabeth Braun said...

I was about to ask, 'Where's 6 Jan 2012?' when I realised the deliberate mistake in the headings. Is there a prize for spotting it??=)

Onwards and upwards! I've been looking forward to seeing this and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who scraps certain goals if they turn out too much trouble or I just plain lose interest. Possibly both....

Steven J Pemberton said...

And I thought my plan for the coming year was ambitious. Good luck, and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

It looks as though you are making great progress, and it is good to see that you have the courage to abandon or change goals that no longer help you. It's always a bit tricky to know when to persevere and when to stop!

Chef E said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I am so impressed with you, all this stuff makes me smile.

I made my first dress, and took it with me to Ireland. But sadly when I took it out to wear it my friend laughed at me, which in turn made me feel self conscious, so I never wore it. It was grand!

I also gave my mother-in-law your links for the two books so she can buy them for her kindle. She will love them!

J. A. Bennett said...

You are amazing! I seriously admire you!

Fly Girl said...

Wow. THis is an extremely impressive list.It's inspired me to go back to writing goals and making a vision board for the year. I think writing down what you want helps them manifest. Happy New Year!

Joyce Lansky said...

Turning thirty is not a death sentence! If anything, it's a beginning. You have a lot of years left to get things done.

Happy Birthday!


Charlotte said...

So awesome that you are writing a travel series for a local newspaper... I cant think of a better candidate! Here's to a happy and healthy new year and best of luck reaching all your goals!

Charlotte said...

Also happy birthday!!!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Rachel! Wow you are so organized - I thought I'm pretty organized but you are even more! I wish my life is more planned well like yours. With the two small kids, my life is pretty chaotic! Happy Birthday!

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