Saturday, 18 February 2012

Overnight on the Lycian Way: George House, Faralya

After a day of hiking through the heat, across beautiful Turkish hillsides, we were ready for a lie down before dinner! Luckily my dad had done this before, and had already booked us a night at the lovely George House in Faralya. We helped ourselves to ripe oranges from the tree, and went to find our cabin.


Actually, it happened that we were staying in one of the newer buildings (with en suite bathroom facilities!), but the little log cabins are adorable, aren't they?

Dinner was brought in huge bowls from which we could help ourselves: soup to start, then menemen (a kind of Turkish omlette with chilli and vegetables), courgettes in tomato sauce, and a spiced cabbage mixture. There was also some meat dish, but I didn't pay attention to that; I was more interested in the yummy veggie options. All this was served with rice, salad, and bread. I went back for seconds and thirds - walking makes me hungry!


The beds were firm and comfy (essential!) although we were a bit chilly under the thin blanket - Turkey gets cold at night, in November.

Breakfast the next morning was more salad, boiled eggs, yoghurt, and bread. I'm not really convinced that salad is an acceptable breakfast food, so I mostly had bread with a generous helping of local honey.

The Lycian way - blobs of paint mark the way home


helen tilston said...

How exciting this must be.

I love walking.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Looks an excellent place.

Stephanie V said...

Walking holidays are the best. You can really be a part of the country life.

BECKY said...

Wonderful, and great looking food!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a great find.

Rachel said...

I share your doubts about salad for breakfast, but otherwise it sounds wonderful!

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