Monday, 20 February 2012

Product Review: Snow Boots & Ski Socks

When Zalando online shopping approached me and asked if I'd like to do a product review, I was spoilt for choice. I must have spent hours flicking through the site, admiring photos of beautiful things and constantly changing my mind about what to try out. I was seriously tempted by one of the purple North Face jackets, but I also really needed a decent pair of winter boots.

I have really awkward-shaped feet and legs, and I hate shoe shopping with a passion, so I really wasn't sure whether it was worth the risk of ordering shoes online. On the plus side, if it worked, I would have avoided an unpleasant shopping trip... but how likely was it to work out? The Zalando site was really helpful, though, including loads of product details like the height of the boots and also the width of the calf.

In the end, I went for a pair of Anna Field snow boots and ordered a couple of pairs of funky pink ski socks to go with them. The first thing I noticed about these boots - and part of the reason I was willing to chance them - is that they're really sensibly designed. They have a zip up the side, but they've also got laces and an adjustable tongue, which is more comfortable for those of us with chunky calf muscles. (Did I mention how much I hate shoe shopping?)

snow bootssnow boots

Unfortunately this winter has been milder than average in my part of the world, so I've mostly had to make do with admiring other people's beautiful snow scenes and daydreaming. But on Friday we finally woke up to find the countryside covered in white, and I went out to crunch about in the snow.

Overall, I'm really happy. The boots had a decent amount of grip (well, they are called snow boots), come a good way up my legs which will be handy when we get some deeper drifts, and have a soft furry lining around the ankles. And they fit! But the socks are my favourite: super warm and snuggly, a gorgeous colour with cute patterns, and with comfy flat seams. I wish I'd snapped up more than two pairs, because I can see I'll be wearing these a lot.


becky said...

Love the pink socks!!! Pink is my signature color.

christine said...

lucky girl:) I'll have to look at the site, flat seams on socks are soooo important!

Rachel said...

Weather! You wake up to snow just as our weather is getting unseasonably warm!

Anonymous said...

About to order these and wondering about how the sizing was. Are they a big fit, or more snug?

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