Monday, 26 March 2012

Woodchester Park

Woodchester Manor

This morning dawned bright and sunny, and we didn't have any particular plans, so we pored over a local map and decided to take a picnic to Woodchester Park. It's not that far from where we live, but for some reason we hadn't been before.

The house, Woodchester Mansion, was never finished and is now a tourist attraction in its abandoned state - as well as providing a huge maintainance project for students of stonemasonry! It's only open a few days each summer, so we'll have to come back another time to look around inside.

The park is set in a valley containing a series of small lakes, and my favourite spot was by the dinky boat house. We sat on a bench by the water to eat our lunch, with ducks around our feet trying - somewhat agressively - to encourage us to share our food. There are lots of paths winding through the woodland (of which we walked only a fraction), and at this time of year there are woodland flowers and wild garlic starting to break through, which, along with the sunshine, really helped to make it feel like spring.

Woodchester Manor

Woodchester Manor

Boathouse at Woodchester Park

Woodchester Park



Rachel said...

It looks like a wonderful place for a picnic and a stroll!

Jenny Woolf said...

I have heard of this place and always wanted to go there. Your pictures are beautiful .

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for sharing such a neat picnic spot with us Rachel. Having young kids, we have been forced to explore many of the places in our own backyard, and for the most part, have not been disappointed.

The Bipolar Diva said...

I would love to visit there!

Jeanne said...

The weather looks lovely, even if it is too early for it.

Alice Braga said...

Happy spring, Rachel! I love the sense of adventure and discovery that comes from exploring a place "not that far from where we live, but for some reason we hadn't been before."

christine said...

I wonder why it was never completed? It looks gorgeous - we'll have to visit next time we're down:)

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