Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Clandestine Cake Club (Gloucester)


I first heard about Clandestine Cake Club from Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, who founded a cake club in Dundee. It sounded all kinds of wonderful, and of course I headed straight over to the site to see if there was a group a little closer to me.

So, on Saturday, I went to what was only the second meeting of the Gloucester chapter of CCC.

It was a lovely afternoon, where we got to meet some likeminded (cake-minded) people, and indulge in far too much sugar. I took along a ginger loaf cake - it was one of the simplest offerings, but no less tasty for that! (Personally, I prefer cakes with less icing as I don't have the sweetest tooth.) But I was certainly inspired by the other contributions, particularly Lara's stack of hazel meringues, which I might have to try for myself.

After almost two hours of chatting and munching (with tea and coffee to wash down all the cake), we even got to take home the leftovers. Although I think the Gloucester group acquitted ourselves admirably: there wasn't that much left!

If you're interested in finding - or founding - a group near you, check out the Clandestine Cake Club site.

So many beautiful cakes!


Our hostess Fran invited us to tuck in...

...and we happily obliged.

After an hour, we'd made quite a dint in the spread.


emma said...

I bet you really had to twist Andy's arm to persuade him to accompany you!

I just checked the site and can't see a Cheltenham one. We NEED to make this happen!

Kazzy said...

So interesting! And lovely cakes. :)

Unknown said...

I am pleased to see the notices about nuts..

Elizabeth Braun said...

This is the sort of post that earns serious envy etc from poor souls (like me) who can't eat sugar as they have critically low immunity..... Sigh.... Perhaps I can make one out of salad??=)

Diane said...

I should remember not to come to your blog when I'm hungry :)

Rachel said...

It sounds like great fun!

Sourire11 said...

YUM. My mouth is watering at those photos.

Jacqueline said...

Mmmmmmmm, tasty looking cakes. I am so glad you joined a cake club. They are such fun x

Anonymous said...

How fun! Love Love the idea. Saying hi from SITS Saturday Sharefest on Sunday.

Simoney said...

Wow what a great fun gathering... my kind of club! the cakes look fab !
(I'm super late to saturday sharefest on SITS. But better late than never aye??)

Little Miss Corporate said...

Yummy! You have inspired me to bake a cake!

Liberty's Yarn said...

WOW! I wanna go! Everything looks amazing!

Charlotte Klein said...

Beautiful presentation... these cakes look divine!

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