Friday, 4 May 2012

Estonia's Open Air Museum near Tallinn

Estonian Open Air Museum

I'm a huge fan of "open air" museums, where you can usually wander around old buildings and get a feel for how a place used to be. So when we saw the Estonian Open Air Museum listed in the booklet for our museum passes, we simply had to hop on the bus and visit.

The Tallinn museum is set in a beautiful wooded park, with a choice of several paths leading between the reconstructed houses (and churches and windmills) of various periods. The park also abuts the sea, and you can look across at the modern city and passing ships for a sense of perspective. I really loved it, and would definitely go back.

Of course, given how much we enjoy relaxing in different cafes, we also had to have a drink in the tavern - which was a pleasant environment, although I don't think that our coffee was terribly authentic!

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum

Estonian Open Air Museum

Inside the bar - Estonian Open Air Museum

You may also be interested in my recent interview with Jean Sasson, over at my book blog, covering her experiences as an American woman in the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite places in Tallinn! Lovely to see it blogged. We last visted in the pre-blog days.

They hold market days there every so often, and when we visited they were selling heaps of traditional knitting, and there were people folk dancing.

Bibliomama said...

So cool. It looks like dwarves should be wandering around.

Joanne said...

That place looks amazing! Your cottage sounds charming and I really like your site. I am following you back. Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!

Jenny Woolf said...

How nice. I went to a park near Parnu where there were thatched dwellings like this. I can't read Estonian so I don't know what sort of a park it was!

Rachel said...

It looks like a fascinating place!

Lilian Nattel said...

What wonderful old buildings.

anotherjennifer said...

Gorgeous! I love wandering around places like this. History and beauty. Can't beat it.

lilywanderlust said...

Very cool! When we visited Estonia it was only enough for a day trip around Tallinn so we missed the country side. I love open air museums!

Sourire11 said...

VERY cool. I lived in Copenhagen for awhile and they had an open air museum very similar to this. Your photographs brought me right back there. Thanks so much for sharing! Thank you for stopping by my SITS day... Nice to meet you! I'm following your blog now as well.

Carissa Taylor said...

Ooh, this reminds me very much of an open-air museum I visited in Latvia many years ago. I'd completely forgotten about it, thanks for the flashback! That was a great day!

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