Tuesday, 8 May 2012

On Board A Soviet Icebreaker

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Tallinn Ship Museum

I've always loved being on the water, so ship museums - the kind with real, ex-working ships that you can walk through - are often my favourite to look around. The steam-powered icebreaker Suur T├Áll is the star of the show at Tallinn's ship museum, and we had a great time visiting last summer. Built in Estonia in 1914, it later became a vessel of the Soviet fleet - from which it was later returned to Estonia for display at the museum.

Tallinn Ship Museum

Tallinn Ship Museum

Looking around the deck and the crew's cramped living quarters was interesting, but for me, the highlight was being able to get up close and personal with the engine rooms. And oh, what engines! I could just imagine getting my hands dirty, maintaining these on a long Arctic journey. A fantastic glimpse into another world.

Tallinn Ship Museum

Tallinn Ship Museum

Tallinn Ship Museum


Rachel said...

It's fascinating, isn't it, to learn about technologies developing for things like ice-breakers, over the years!

becky said...

Thanks for the glimpse on board! I loved visting the ship museum in Oslo, Norway...imagining people actually living on the sea, dishes and all...the domestic parts were the most interesting to me.

Kazzy said...

Very cool. I love ships!

james said...

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Charlotte Klein said...

I'm much the same way when it comes to ships and being on the water... I always thought it would be fun to spend a few months on the open seas (though I'm not so sure about the cramped living space, to be honest). Thanks for the great pics!

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