Tuesday, 26 June 2012


We recently volunteered to look after a pair of gerbils for a few days while their family went on holiday. They're a pair of beautiful brothers called Sandy and Snowy (guess which is which) and they were very sociable with one another. They were also super-powered shredding machines, determined to munch through several cardboard boxes and tubes every day.

Sandy & Snowy





Jenny Woolf said...

I find gerbils a bit worrying - like big mice. It's the shredding that I don't like - I'm imagining if they got loose...!

Elizabeth Braun said...

The red eyes of the evil Baron von Gerbil!!=)

They're cute! Reminds me of school days.

becky said...

awwww, too cute!!!!

carma said...

this brings back memories of my gerbil Fluffy -we used to do the toilet paper thingy too.

Hope you are doing well!!

Rachel said...

Hours of fun in watching them!

Charlotte Klein said...

Awwww so cute!

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