Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lighthouses and Foghorns on the Isle of May


On the last day of our trip to St Andrews, my husband surprised me with a boat trip out to the Isle of May. He booked the trip primarily because of the bird life on the island (about which another post will follow in due course) but we also really enjoyed meandering around the island itself.

There are a surprising number of lighthouses on the island - or perhaps not so surprising, when you consider that it's basically a big lump of rock in the middle of a busy shipping lane. I love to imagine the life of a lighthouse keeper here in the olden days.

But the most interesting buildings were the pair of matching fog horns, supplied with pressurised air via a giant pipe which ran almost the length of the island. I don't think they're in use any more, but I wonder if all the equipment still works today?










Rachel said...

It would be fascinating to find out whether the foghorns still work, wouldn't it! I suspect not, but it would be nice to think they do..!

Tabor said...

Stunning photos. You make me want to be there.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

§Very impressive photos.

Anonymous said...

Great & lovely cool pictures from your get away!
thanks for sharing it all with us!

Charlotte Klein said...

I have always had a love of lighthouses. Gorgeous Rachel!

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