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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hailes Abbey, Gloucestershire


Hailes Abbey (sometimes spelt Hayles) was a Cistercian abbey, once famed for having a relic of the blood of Christ. During the dissolution of the monasteries, the relic was mocked, discredited, and destroyed. Unfortunately, even collaborating with this process couldn't save the abbey from being closed down and looted, so it now stands in majestic ruin.







Tabor said...

So sad because it was so lovely at one time. I wonder what terrible secrets it might have held.

becky said...

just say "abbey" and i'm there! majestic even in ruin...such a travesty, all that ruination...progress?

Elle said...

What an amazing and beautiful place to visit! I love visiting historical sites. I lose myself in thoughts of how they might have been in their glory days.

Rachel said...

You had a nice sunny day for your visit, too!

Kelly said...

Love it all!!

Stephanie V said...

I'm imagining the cloistered walks and the peaceful silence. It must have been beautiful in its is still so today.

Liz Barker said...

Gorgeous photographs! Thanks so much for sharing your journeys. I have to go check out your book too.


christine said...

majestic is right - those lovely, imposing arches:)

emma said...

I was a a bit of a loose end on Friday and not sure where to take Lucy for the afternoon and thought this looked like a good bet - she absolutely loved it, running round the ruins and clambering up the banks. We had a really lovely afternoon out. So, thanks for the inspiration.

Did you check out the Medieval church just outside the abbey? It has original paintings on the walls which were pretty good, AND a labyrinth. Sort of, anyway!

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