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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Inntel Hotel, Zaandam


When I saw the Zaandam Inntel hotel online, I wasn't quite sure whether I loved or hated the funky, modern, and more than slightly weird exterior design. But it was cheap (by the standards of Amsterdam & environs), fairly new, and had fantastic reviews, so we booked ourselves in for a couple of nights.

Zaandam hotel room

The rooms were spacious and bright, with big windows and distinctive murals - it was slightly disconcerting to have the Verkade biscuit lady looking down on us as we slept! Having a double bed made of two singles pushed together is never ideal if you move around in your sleep (as I do), but the mattresses were comfy and the sheets were good quality. Instead of the €16 buffet breakfast, we headed across the street to Delifrance for decent coffee and cheap croissants. We had a lovely stay and would happily use this hotel again... but I still don't know if I like the outside!

Zaandam itself is a few minutes from Amsterdam Central by train, but we had plans to visit Zaanse Schans which is north of the city, so it was a perfect location for us. The town was in the middle of major rebuilding work, apparently to restore the old canals (long ago filled in), which will be a great improvement to the environment when it's finished - meanwhile, a large part of town feels like a building site.



Stephanie V said...

I think I like the oexterior style. It's massive yet interesting to look at. Not a quality I usually associate with mass.

The biscuit lady is sort of off-putting. But charming in a way, too.

joanne fox said...

I really like the quirky style of that hotel, and Amsterdam is always a great place to visit. Two single beds instead of a double is not so great though!

Dave King said...

Strange place! I wasn't sure about the funky design, but wouldn't have let that put me off. The biscuit lady though, now I do agree: disconcerting is the word!

A Cuban In London said...

(smiling) I like the funky design but I'm not too sure about the wooman looking down on someone trying to catch some sleep. That would spook me for sure. :-)

That was a very good first photo. It helped me appreciate the beauty of the hotel. Thanks.

Greetings from London.

Jutta said...

Amazing! also not sure if i like it but i do definietly like that it is different :-)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love the design of that hotel! It is quirky but adorable all in one! I also love the mural on the wall!

Mike Harvey said...

That's certainly an unusual design for a building. It looks to me as though they've just dropped three blocks of houses on top of one another.

The two single beds strikes me as a strange way to do things and I too am not keen on the choice of artwork: OK for a cafe but not really suitable for a bedroom.


PS Apart from the link to my profile which is built in to my name at the top of my post how do I leave you a link to my blog please?

Mo said...


Rachel said...

It almost looks like a lot of buildings piled up on top of one another, doesn't it. More interesting than the usual slab-sided tower-block type!

Dede said...

Thank you for sharing your travel pics!! I loved this. I'm in the US and have never traveled to Europe.

Charlotte Klein said...

I like the design! Different and funky :) Sounds like my kind of place.

Muhammad Amjad said...

That's certainly an unusual design for a building..Hotel Design ..thank you for sharing.

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