Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bakkerij Bart, Gouda


Looking for a pleasant coffee shop is often one of the first things we do when we reach a new town. In Gouda, as we'd just come from the overnight ferry to the Netherlands, we also really wanted some breakfast. Walking from the train station into the town centre, we came across Bakkerij Bart and were drawn inside by the extensive displays of fresh cakes and pastries. Apple turnover for breakfast? I don't mind if I do.


It was unfortunate, given the open sides of the cafe, that major building work across the street was generating copious volumes of both noise and dust. For their sake, I hope it's short-lived, because other than the disturbance, this was a lovely place.



Jenny Woolf said...

I was a bit shocked during my last visit to the netherlands (a place I really do like) but the generally low quality of the food got to me. It's never been much of a gourmet paradise I know, but it was really hard to find anywhere to eat that wasn't (a) expensive and / or (b) junk. Did you find it expensive?

Rachel said...

Apple turnover for breakfast sounds lovely!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Now that is my kind of breakfast - and what elegant cups.

Mo said...

Remaining clam at breakfast with road works going on must have been a challenge

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