Wednesday, 8 August 2012

St Nicholas' Church, Asthall

Adjacent to Asthall Manor, the parish church of St Nicholas' was originally built in Norman times, and later extended to form the picture-perfect village church which you can see today.

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

We popped in because we happened to be at Asthall Manor for the On Form sculpture exhibition, and it's always nice to look around old churches. But this one was far more beautiful than we'd expected.

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

The impressive wall paintings looked so fresh and bright that they could have been touched up yesterday. I don't know whether they've actually been restored, or just preserved incredibly well, but either way they're just stunning.

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

And some pieces of the On Form sculpture had even made their way inside. I was particularly taken with this rather grim skull-headed staff, which looked really at home in the church:

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition

Asthall Manor "On Form" Exhibition


rosaria williams said...

Beautiful! As for me, I can always find something to like in old buildings, even if they contain no art.

Jenny Woolf said...

I haven't seen this church, and it looks wonderful. I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful variety of English churches. Thanks for this nice post Rachel.

Mo said...

These churches are so interesting with incredible history

Rachel said...

Gorgeous. The face in the close up looks a little pre-Raphaelite to me, rather than medieval, but it looks so lovely I'm not sure I care!

becky said...

Wish I had your travel schedule! I'd be looking aet all these old churches/cathedrals with their marvelous stone structures and groin ceilings!!! awesome feats of engineering.

Jeanne said...

You have such a great sense of composition. Your pictures are always amazing.

Charlotte Klein said...

So incredibly neat and I absolutely love that staff!

I've always loved going into churches on my travels. And you're right: the colors in this one are magnificent and brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

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