Sunday, 16 September 2012

Freezing Ahead for Easy Mealtimes

My mother-in-law recently gave us her old freezer, and I've been trying to get more organised by cooking double portions (or more) and freezing the excess for low-effort meals at a later date. I started to make a list of freezer-friendly recipes, and thought I'd share it in case others find it helpful. I'll be adding to this list as I work out the best way to freeze and defrost different dishes.

I've also gradually started to add freezing information to my old recipe posts, and you'll be seeing these info boxes more often in future.

Freezer Instructions
Where you see this symbol on a recipe, you can freeze the dish to serve another day. I'll give you instructions on the best place to "pause" the recipe, and how to defrost or cook from frozen. 



Elizabeth Braun said...

That's precisely what I was planning on doing! When you're often ill with some virus or other, then it's very practical too. Only problem being that, not only do we not have more freezer space than we used to, we've actually got considerably less! So, I'll have to save this idea up until we get either another freezer or another home with room for a larger fridge freezer.=)

Keep up the good work and all the best with the cooking comp! What fun to work with a celeb chef!=)

rosaria williams said...

You are a smart cookie!

Mike Harvey said...

I must admit, most of what I cook I freeze. Living on my own I rarely make a dish that only does for one serving. What I don't do, but realise I should, is worry about whether a meal is suitable for freezing or not.

Stephanie said...

Must remember to try some of these!! Especially the potatoes:)

Mumus Mum said...

My favourite is slow cooking. I can make 6 or 8 portions of a meal in the slow cooker, then freeze for later re-heating.

I know exactly what's gone into a dish and, as long as I date the items clearly, it really is a case of grab something in the morning to defrost for my return from work.

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