Friday, 14 September 2012

The Ritter Sport Cafe, Berlin


Having finally got past the idea that any product with "sport" in the name isn't designed with me in mind, I'm currently a little bit addicted to Ritter Sport chocolate, especially the dark chocolate varieties. So when I found out that they have a cafe and chocolate shop in Berlin, I had to drop by.

I certainly wasn't the only one with that idea, because the place was heaving. The shop downstairs is a chocolate-lover's paradise, with wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves of chocolate bars. There's even a cool sculpture inspired by the distinctive Ritter packaging. At the entrance, there's a busy chocolate counter where you can buy drinks and have your own custom flavour of chocolate bar mixed up. (I would surely have done this if the queue hadn't been so far out of the door.)


The cafe upstairs was, thankfully, a bit less manic. I sat by the window with the idea of watching the world go by - but it turned out to be far more fun to watch the multicoloured world of the Ritter cafe than the grey Berlin street below.

Everything on offer was inspired by a specific Ritter bar, from cakes and desserts to flavours of hot chocolate. I ordered a rum-raisin-hazelnut muffin, and the "special" hot chocolate with added espresso and cinnamon.

I opted for the marzipan hot chocolate as that's one of my very favourite bars, and I couldn't quite imagine how it would work as a drink. The short answer is that it doesn't. While the idea sounds good, the drink doesn't really take on the almond taste, but you do end up with a mouthful of gritty marzipan bits in the bottom of the mug. Not really a sensation I'd like to repeat.

The muffin was much better: a light texture, packed with rum-soaked raisins, roasted hazelnuts, and just a drizzle of milk chocolate on top.

Overall, it was a lovely funky environment, which made for a nice spot to rest my weary legs - but it wasn't the exciting culinary experience I was hoping for. If I went back, it would be for the atmosphere more than the food and drink.




Rachel said...

Sounds like fun, anyway!

Holly Lefevre said...

That cafe is way cool looking! FUN! My hubby would die...he loves Ritter chocolate. We have been thinking about heading over there..maybe this will entice him!

Vegan YA Nerds said...

Wow, I had no idea there was a Ritter Sport cafe, I love the marzipan chocolate, I'm so glad it's vegan!

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