Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Making Syrup Waffles in Gouda

Syrup waffles (siroopwafelen)

Siroopwafelen (syrup waffles, also sometimes called stroopwafels) are a traditional Dutch treat which I've often enjoyed. So when I learnt in the Gouda tourist office that it's possible to see them being made, I jumped at the chance to witness the baking process.


Tucked away behind this unassuming shop front, the "factory" is a little room at the back which tourists can visit - on the condition that you keep behind the green line (away from the machinery) and don't get in the way.

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

The process starts with a machine that deposits appropriately-sized chunks of waffle dough into a series of rotating waffle irons:

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

At the other end of their circuit, the now-cooked waffles are picked up by vacuum suction cups (sometimes imperfectly - see the one left behind?) and moved across to the conveyor belt:

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

At which point they're stamped with die-cutters, trimming each one to a uniform circular shape:

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

The waffle is then split by a jet of highly pressurised air, allowing the top to be lifted by another vacuum arm...

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

...so the thick syrup can be squeezed into the middle:

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

Making syrup waffles in Gouda

They are then conveyed to the final oven, and baked for a couple of minutes. Finally, they're packaged up (one of the few manual parts of the process) and displayed for sale in the shop. Where we bought some to take home, of course - these were definitely the nicest ones we've had.

Syrup waffles in Gouda


Rachel said...

Somehow, watching food made can make one appreciate it even more!

Jeanne said...

It's very mechanized, isn't it?

Holly Lefevre said...

I want to go there and have some...and I want to make them myself (guess that is not going to happen)...guess I need to go there!

Chaelen said...

This is fantastic, what an experience. I love stroopwafels and the fresher they are, the better! Thanks for sharing this.

Jen said...

I do love homemade waffles topped with fruit and whipped cream, but I've never had anything like that. Interesting.

christine said...

how fascinating:)

Jules said...

Yummy -and interesting - thanks Rachel!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A fascinating post.

Charlotte Klein said...

I am dying to return to Holland. Stroopwafels are one of my favorite treats! By bf is Dutch... will try to convince him to take me one day :)

A Cuban In London said...

Loved this post. There's nothing like seeing how food is made to whet one's appetite.

Greetings from London.

maria verivaki said...

a friend sent me these once from holland, and i must admit it looked like quite an innocent biscuit - i'd never have believed the process could look so mechanised!

Esther said...

Educational post! Stroopwafels are the best. Diet killers too :) Nice to see how the delicious cookies are made.

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