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Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Clapper Bridge at Postbridge

Clapper bridge at Postbridge

The clapper bridge at Postbridge, a tiny village on Dartmoor, is a beautiful and practical piece of ancient architecture. There's a wonderful, solid feel to a bridge like this, with its stone pillars and huge flagstones.

Clapper bridge at Postbridge

Clapper bridge at Postbridge

It must have been a good crossing point, too, because the modern road bridge has been built just a few metres away.

Clapper bridge at Postbridge

Clapper bridge at Postbridge


Rachel said...

Relatively modern, at least!

Kazzy said...

Pretty cool engineering!

christine said...

you get the impression it will be there for ever, don't you? The lack of handrails of any sort would make it feasible for me only in dry weather!!!! :)

Charlotte Klein said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you had a beautiful day for picture taking, too!

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