Friday, 2 November 2012

A Stone Circle on Dartmoor

Stone Circle

It seems you can hardly drive along a road through Dartmoor without passing by a stone circle or ten: the local OS map is positively littered with them. But whenever we get close enough to spot one from the road, we have to stop and take a closer look.

The circle, which we later found is known as Soussons cairn, is a Bronze Age burial site with a tomb at the centre, surrounded by a number of standing stones. Centuries of wind and rain have worn down the rocks into odd shapes, and the effect somehow puts me in mind of a mouth full of jagged teeth. Nevertheless, I always find stone circles to be a relaxing spot for a break and to take in the scenery.

Stone Circle

Stone Circle

Stone Circle


Tabor said...

I am called to by stone walls, stone buildings, stone circles. Something about the permanence of stone is so reassuring.

Rachel said...

Somehow every circle has a different atmosphere, doesn't it...

Velva said...

Very interesting. I can see why one would be drawn to the stone circles.


Anonymous said...

Nice! The lighting, hues, and composition of your photographs quite effectively capture the stone circle, I think. Like, it'd be a perfectly alright photograph if you'd have just taken a straight-on shot, but you've made particularly lovely images here. Not that I necessarily think you want my validation--I know approximately FA about photography!--but this was just a roundabout way of saying 'hi i like yr pix.'

I've only ever been to one stone circle, which was--surprise!--Stone Henge. Yes, obvious, I know. I went twice, first as a two year old, clad in a blue dress and sagging nappy, secondly as a moody twelve year old in a hoodie and baggy jeans. I lost an earring somewhere in the grass.

Charlotte Klein said...

Reminds me of a mouth/teeth, too! Beautiful pictures, Rachel!

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