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Monday, 26 November 2012

Fall(ing) Leaves on the Skyline Drive


We went to Skyline Drive to admire the autumn (or fall) foliage, thankful that we'd arrived just as the leaves were turning. Skyline Drive is a popular tourist route through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. There's a small charge ($15 a ticket, valid for one week), a low speed limit, and the road is dotted with "overlooks", lay-bys designed that you can pull in and enjoy the stunning views over the surrounding valleys. It would take three or four hours to drive even without stops, but with my addiction to photography, it naturally took us a while longer.






The next day, we drove back along the same route. The first winds of Hurricane Sandy had started to swirl into Shenandoah. The beautiful leaves of the previous day had all but gone, leaving the landscape stark and wintry, and we could have been driving through a different season entirely.




Tabor said...

We were there this fall since we live on a few hours away and I, like you, had to make many stops.

Susan Francino said...

Skyline Drive is so gorgeous! I've only seen it in the summer, so I'm glad to see these pics--thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

It takes no time at all to change seasons in late Autumn. Helene Hanff wrote about driving out to look at the Autumn colours in Virginia.

Roz P. said...

So beautiful! We used to drive in that lovely area when my husband's parents lived in Southern Ohio (on the way up from South Carolina). Such a gorgeous area!

Jenny Woolf said...

How quickly they are gone. I like to walk through woods when they are like this, and see different sorts of trees....

christine said...

what a difference a day or two makes!!!! Still, the ground should have been a colourful carpet:)

Ronnica said...

Gorgeous! I took a walk through the pretty woods a couple of weeks ago and couldn't stop taking pictures. Going again on Monday, but the leaves are mostly gone. Still, the woods are pretty!

Charlotte Klein said...

Eerie how different both "seasons" appear to be, eh? Love the first picture of the tie-dyed tree branch. Hiking through the woods (and snapping photos) is always a great fall activity. You found a beautiful spot for picture-taking!

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