Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nunney Castle, Somerset

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle is a compact keep which somehow survives almost intact in the pretty Somerset village of Nunney. It's surrounded by a moat, which is not only still filled, but not stagnant - rather, the water is crystal clear and home to shoals of small fish. Dragonflies flitted across the surface and fluttered around our legs as we walked around to the bridge. The castle's four corner towers have suffered only a little crumbling over the years, making it easy to imagine this as a grand, palatial home.

Maintained by English Heritage, we were surprised to find that this castle is open all hours, with no admission charge. Such a beautiful sight could surely attract paying visitors, and would certainly benefit from a tea shop! As it stands, we wished we'd brought a picnic.

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle

Nunney Castle


Jules said...

This looks fab, thanks Rachel, I shall be sure and put it on the 'must visit' list, especially as it's in Zummerzet:)

Stephanie V said...

I always try and imagine living in one of those castles. I generally figure I'd have to have been spinning, weaving and knitting up a storm just to stay warm.

With the sun shining on the old stones, it does look splendid.

Mo said...

Blue sky. I'm looking at heading that way right now.

Visit Nunney said...

There is now a very popular tea shop next to the castle, called Café De la Mere ( A tourist map detailing the history of the village and its buildings and a Nunney Treasure Trail are available at the café. A free visitor car park is available in Old Quarry Gardens, Castle Hill.

becky said...

This is awesome!!! Oh, how I wish I could walk in the places you have walked, this one especially! And, I see there's a tea shop after all :)

Rachel said...

Gorgeous - it's a particularly dramatic-looking castle.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a beautiful place, I will add Nunney Castle to places to visit if we get to Somerset sometime.

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