Saturday, 24 November 2012

The KGB Museum in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Behind the imposing facade of what used to be the KGB headquarters in Vilnius, a museum now delves into some of the darker moments of the region's Soviet history. The extensive displays range from the living arrangements of prisoners, to the technology used to spy on locals and visitors alike. There are guns and gadgets, identity cards and codebooks. In the basement are what can only be described as torture cells, designed to keep prisoners on edge, forced to balance on tiny platforms when the room was flooded. We spent a couple of contemplative hours here, soaking up the sobering stories and learning about the bravery of Lithuania's underground resistance. On the outside wall, names of victims provide a modern memorial to those who perished.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Meanwhile my mother-in-law (who thought the whole thing sounded a bit grim) enjoyed a stroll through the local streets, and read a couple of chapters of her book in the colourful park across the road. Yep, the KGB definitely picked a gorgeous part of the city for their HQ.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania


Rachel said...

People who are powerful show off in more than one way, and I guess being in a beautiful part of town is part of that.

Anonymous said...

A KGB museum--it's amazing to think of what is on display that was once an unfortunate part of many people's lives.

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