Sunday, 16 December 2012

Making Pretzels in Lititz


The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery in Lititz lays claim to being the first commercial producer of hard pretzels in the US, and possibly in the world. As we were visiting nearby Lancaster, and the surrounding Amish area, I really wanted to make time to drop in here. Though the Sturgis commercial operation has now moved to a larger factory, the original house is open as a small museum of everything pretzel. For just a couple of dollars, the tour not only showed the history of soft and hard pretzels, but gave visitors an opportunity to twist pretzel dough in the traditional way. Our guide was a friendly and knowledgeable young woman who had actually worked in pretzel production, as well as giving an entertaining spiel.

I'd never eaten a soft pretzel before the one I bought in the bakery here, and I was completely won over, and inspired to try baking them myself as soon as we got home. We were also given a small packet of hard pretzels at the end of the tour; not so exciting, we thought, since neither of us much likes the ones we've had in the UK, but these ones were much nicer. (And whoever first thought of chocolate-coating them might just have been a genius.)










Rachel said...

They sound lovely!

Pauline Persing said...

You found another place we have never visited and we have been to the Lancaster area several times.

Stephanie V said...

I love soft pretzels. We made them with the kids once. They loved the story behind the shape. Of course, eating your product is always the best part.

christine said...

what a lovely looking museum, and a great idea to be hands on and making a pretzel, an excellent $2 value!

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