Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pumpkin Funnel Cake


It's perhaps not surprising that the fair at Punkin Chunkin, Delaware's premier high-velocity pumpkin event, would feature unusual pumpkin delicacies. Across the field, tucked between burger vans, I spied a little stall that looked like it could help me expand the growing repertoire of pumpkin delights I'd sampled.

"What is a pumpkin funnel cake?" I asked as we got to the front of the queue and handed over our money.

"It's funnel cake, with pumpkin," our server said, looking a little confused that we would ask.

"But what's a funnel cake?" I asked. (We don't have them in England.)

Now she looked at me like I'd stepped off another planet. "It's funnel cake," she repeated, then turned to serve the next customer, apparently unwilling to handle any more challenging questions.

We peered past her to where a man, apparently the funnel cake master, was pouring orange batter from a steel jug into a vat of boiling oil. Whatever we'd signed up for, it wasn't going to be a healthy treat. I watched with a sort of fascinated horror as he plucked the cakes out with tongs and slapped them onto paper plates.

The result - a sort of light, swirly donut drenched in cinnamon sugar - was surprisingly delicious, and didn't taste nearly as greasy as it looked, though we were happy to share one between us! This is certainly something I should learn to make one day.





Rachel said...

It certainly looks odd, and I will take your word for its' taste, since I'm unlikely to get out there anytime soon...

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Ha, ha, pumpkin funnel cakes! What'll they dream up next? It's fair food, the worst kind of food but oh-so-much-fun for a rare indulgence!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Gosh, never heard of those before! Merry Xmas, Rachel. x

Jeanne said...

Bill and I went to the Texas State Fair one year (I was in Dallas for a work-related conference) and one of my co-workers physically threatened her husband for eating too much of her funnel cake.

We take our fried foods seriously over here.

Wishing you and Andy the best of Christmases!

No Doong said...

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Charlotte Klein said...

Funnel cake always reminds me of summers down the shore. I've never heard of pumpkin flavored FC though, sounds awesome!

christine said...

sounds a little like the Spanish churos, which is batter poured into hot oil and served up, often for breakfast, I believe, although I doubt that pumpkin features large in Spain!!! x

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