Friday, 18 January 2013

Cafe One Eight - Great Coffee in Lancaster, PA



It seems that wherever we visit, it doesn't take long for us to wind up with a new favourite coffee shop. In Lancaster, it was most definitely Cafe 18, a Mennonite-run cafe which we visited a couple of times on our short visit to the area.

Their coffee was excellent, and with unlimited refills I could try all three different blends. And when we returned for breakfast the next day, the breakfast burritos (a new concept for me!) were filled to near-bursting. I tried to recreate these at home but haven't yet figured out how to get enough filling without it actually bursting out of the sides, which is somewhat less attractive - if anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it.

Meanwhile, if you're visiting Lancaster, I'd definitely suggest dropping in at Cafe One Eight - our only complaint was that it's a very long way from where we live!




Rachel said...

Those photos do look very appetising!

Jules said...

I'm really hungry now!

rosaria williams said...

The trick is to use warm and slightly wet tortillas. Warm them in the oven in a wet towel and they will bend nicely.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

I have a breakfast burrito every Sunday morning. And, here it is, Sunday morning again!

Charlotte Klein said...

I'm actually not terribly far from Lancaster, PA... It's definitely roadtrip worthy! I will add this to my list of places to visit next time I stop in Amish Country. Those breakfast burritos look awesome (sadly, I have no idea how to keep the insides from leaking out. I have this problem myself...)

christine said...

those buritos do look tasty:)

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