Thursday, 21 February 2013

Passage to India, Harrisburg


It started, bizarrely enough, with an advert for an Amish restaurant's Sunday brunch offering. But they were in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and we were going to be in Harrisburg. Cue a lengthy internet quest for veggie-friendly Sunday brunch options in Harrisburg. The best I found wasn't really brunch, but a lunch buffet... an Indian one, at that. Quite a long way from my original goal, but it had a good reputation for tasty food, a good price, and labelled its many vegetarian dishes clearly.

Passage to India is housed in a nondescript concrete building, with only a fancy door with skeletal pagoda to tell you there's a restaurant there. We were encouraged by the number of Indian families enjoying their lunch here, from grandmothers to young children. My attention was particularly caught by a girl of perhaps seven years old who sat with her father at the next table, nose firmly in her book for the entire meal, while he tried occasionally to coax a little conversation from her.

There was a good selection of authentic dishes, with flavourful spices - though not much chilli, making for a milder meal than most  I've eaten. I particularly liked the crispy pakora starters, and the creamy tomato sauce of the muttar paneer. The rice was rather nondescript, but the naan bread was soft and baked to perfection, ideal for soaking up the sauces.



Rachel said...

It certainly looks like a tasty plateful!

christine said...

love, love, love Indian buffet meals:) x

Blond Duck said...

I've always wanted to try Indian food, but I heard it was super spicy!

Charlotte Klein said...

Dear God, I love me some Indian food. Great description here and glad you were able to find a veggie-friendly place!

christine said...

Blond duck - Indian food can be made as bland or spicy as you like:) If you go to a good restaurant, they'll tailor the heat to your taste - even milder than a "korma" if that's what you ask for - there's such a range of flavours out there, I do hope you'll enjoy some:)

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