Thursday, 28 March 2013

Caernarfon Castle


You know how much I love castles, don't you?

Caernarfon castle isn't just a great example of a Welsh fortress (though it is that). For me, it's one of the castles of my childhood. Growing up, the holidays I most remember were to Scotland (plenty of castles there!), the Lake District (which has a less violent history, so fewer ruins), and north Wales. My parents always indulged my passion for running along battlements, sneaking through secret passageways, and scrambling up precipitous spiral staircases (which I hated to come down).

Nothing has really changed. I still love the cold stone walls which are a blank canvas ready to be coloured with a little imagination - whether I dream of times gone by, or of fantasy battles and sorcerers. And I still hate coming down spiral stairs.

Fortunately, my membership of English Heritage also gives me access to Cadw properties in Wales, so it didn't even cost anything for us to drop in on Caernarfon castle when we were visiting Snowdonia earlier this month. With several intact towers, and an extensive walking route around the walls, it's definitely a sight worth seeing if you're ever in the vicinity.









Rachel said...

Caernavon is rather a cracker, isn't it. Have you been to Caerlaverock, in the Scottish Borders?

Pauline Persing said...

Wonderful castle.

Sourire11 said...


Elizabeth Braun said...

Did you hang on by the rope on that spiral staircase? (...which I would also have found scary!)

Uomo di Speranza said...

I'm so jealous! I wish there were ancient ruins in the states...the closest thing we have in New York is Fort Ticonderoga, which is basically a bunch of moldy logs and a gift shop.

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