Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sun Yat-Sen Park, Vancouver


There's something about the Chinese method of garden design that just speaks to me. I've always loved the combination of trees, water features, and pagodas. The Sun Yat-Sen Park in Vancouver is a charming example. Although we visited in the depths of winter, when there were dead leaves on the ground and ice on the pools, there is still something peaceful about the design which works in any weather. As you meander along the paths, every corner turned gives a new perspective on the same features - a metaphor for life if ever there was one.








Pauline Persing said...

Beautiful place and excellent composition in the photographs.

Rebecca Jerdee said...

Beautiful settings!

Charlotte Klein said...

Oh, these pictures are just lovely and this park looks so serene and peaceful. Would love to pay it a visit :) Must be lovely in the spring time.

Rachel said...

I think it's something to do with that lovely upswept line of the pagoda roofs, although quite what, I couldn't quite say...

carma said...

I agree on the layout of Chinese gardens - so well planed and very tranquil

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