Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Accidentally Visiting a Rainforest - Capilano Suspension Bridge Park


We weren't sure whether we should visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. On the one hand, it's not like we find ourselves in Vancouver every day (or even every year), so if we missed it we didn't know when we'd have another chance. But the weather was so grey and misty that we weren't sure we'd see anything.

We decided to take the bus up the mountain, and decide when we got there whether the views would justify the entry fee. Luckily a family was coming out just as we arrived, so we asked them if they thought it was worth our while: they said yes, so on we went.

And as it happened, the mist made everything look ethereal and atmospheric, so if you ever find yourself wondering whether it's worth going in less-than-perfect weather, I'd say yes, definitely.





The bridge itself has been there since the 1890s, providing a practical footpath across a steep-sided gorge. When the owners replaced the bridge in the '50s, they tested the steel of the old bridge cables, and found that the old cables were still just as strong as the new ones they'd put in their place! Which must have been a little galling.





There's also a treetop walk through the rainforest.

Wait... rainforest? In Canada? This was news to me.

The information boards around the walkways explained further: this is a "temperate" rainforest, rather than the more stereotypical tropical kind, and is a protected environment in western Canada. Unfortunately we didn't see much wildlife beyond a few squirrels, but it was nice to wander between the trees.






The newest feature at the park is a cliff walk, a narrow path attached by cables to the rock. Although less impressive than the suspension bridge, it did give some more great views and a different perspective on the gorge. Again, the walk is enhanced by info boards - in this case, the one that stuck with me was the fact that the trees can absorb a huge amount of their required moisture from the air. Which cast a somewhat more positive perspective on a very misty day.





Mike Harvey said...

That sounds, and looks, like quite a spectacular trip.

Rachel said...

The pathway at mid-tree height looks wonderful!

christine said...

oh my goodness, you brave girl! I'd be enthralled and terrified in equal measure:) lovely photos:)

Swetha dhoka said...

From the pics we can tell that it is great height and must be scary. But the pics are so well taken!! Amazing,totally.

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