Wednesday, 5 June 2013

JoJo's Cupcakes in St Michael's, MD

We drove to the little coastal town of St Michael's with friends, "just to have a quick look around," and never mind that it was more than fifty miles away. That's just the sort of thing one does in the States, where driving an hour or two to go out for dinner is basically normal. It turned out to be even further than we thought and it was starting to get dark by the time we arrived, which rather curtailed our sightseeing, so it really was a whistle-stop tour.

JoJo's Cupcakes, however, was a brightly-lit, colourful beacon just calling out to us. We knew we had pizza and salad waiting for us back home, but in the circumstances, it seemed appropriate to have an early dessert. Following much discussion around critical issues such as whether we shouldn't just box up the cakes to take back with us (a heretical proposal which was swiftly quashed), we settled down at a corner table and contemplated the amazing display of beautiful cupcakes.

The Chef's Special seemed to be calling my name. Peppermint Mocha combines three of my favourite flavours: chocolate, coffee, and mint. However I couldn't quite imagine the combined flavour of all three in one mouthful. I loved the attention to detail of all the decorations, which made the cakes almost too pretty to eat. (Almost.) Fortunately we had our cameras, so we could capture the cakes for posterity and eat them. And I'm glad we did, because they were light and moist and pretty close to perfect.

Peppermint mocha


Carrot cake

The mouth-watering display

Here are a few snaps from our short twilight walk:









rosaria williams said...

Rachel, I thought you were a sensible girl! LOL!

Rachel said...

Sounds like it was worth the trip...

Tabor said...

I love St. Michael's for walking around and am so sorry you did not have time. I think the cupcake craze is a bit much in this country. You pay a lot of money for something that is not that difficult to make, but then many people no longer bake. Anyway, the TV show started it and we now have quite a number of cupcake places.

carma said...

those all look heavenly!

Susan Francino said...

Ooooh those look scrumptious. <3

Charlotte Klein said...

Annnnnnnnnnnnd now I want something sweet to complement my dinner. Those look delicious (and what a yummy combo that is: chocolate, coffee, and mint!)

Jenny Woolf said...

I love looking at cupcakes - the more imaginative the better. But somehow I can never enjoy eating them. Something wrong there, I suppose.... :)

christine said...

they look so lovely on the stand, but all that creaminess is too overpowering for me - the butterfly buns Grandma made when we were small is rich enough:)

Bibliomama said...

I can't imagine chocolate, coffee and mint all together either. I'm a sucker for carrot cake with the little fake carrot on top.

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those look delicious!

Gloria Baker said...

what lovely cupcakes!!

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