Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Perfection Satisfaction Promise, in Ottawa

Perfection Satisfaction Promise - Ottawa

We passed the tiny, unassuming cafe that is Perfection Satisfaction  Promise en route to a different restaurant, and the specials board caught my eye. As soon as we got back to our hotel, I looked online for reviews, which were largely focused on the fact that the restaurant has been set up by followers of a popular guru (with words like 'cult' being thrown around a lot), but I would guess most travel-addicted vegetarians have eaten in enough Hare Krishna restaurants that a slightly different peace-and-love philosophy just washes over you. It does, however, make for rather an unusual restaurant name. In any case, the consensus seemed to be "nice food, culty atmosphere" so we decided to try it out for ourselves.

The restaurant really is tiny, and we ended up perched at the breakfast bar while we ordered, although we were then able to move to the end of a small table. I get the impression that it's always packed - there were even signs announcing, primarily for the benefit of the local student population, that wifi would be switched off during the lunch rush to discourage loitering!

We ordered two different kinds of soup (both lentil-based, rich, and very filling) and also some samosas and onion bhaji for starters, which were excellent. For our main course, both of us wanted to try the special which had originally attracted us to the restaurant - a filo pastry bake filled with roasted vegetables, which tasted every bit as good as it looked. We were feeling pretty full by the time we got to contemplating dessert, but the mouth-watering vegan cheesecakes were just too tempting to pass up. I love cheesecake and these were perfect - we had one chocolate, and one blueberry, they were creamy and rich but not too sweet. If I lived nearby I think I would be eating here a lot, and always saving space for dessert.

At the end of our trip, we were stranded for a day by flight delays. We'd been looking forwards to getting home and were tiring of rich  food at every meal, so we came back here for a lunch of simple vegetables. An assortment of fresh veggies are offered with a choice of accompaniments and sauces - we each picked a different combination, and were impressed by how nicely cooked it all was.

Perfection Satisfaction Promise - Ottawa

Perfection Satisfaction Promise - Ottawa

Perfection Satisfaction Promise - Ottawa

Perfection Satisfaction Promise - Ottawa


christine said...

what a lovely find! the food looks tasty:)

Jenny Woolf said...

I find lentils are perfectly wonderful and I have just discovered combining them with chestnut. (both cooked) YOu can blend them together and it makes a lovely mousse a bit like humus, even better with herbs.

Rachel said...

It's actually quite rare, isn't it, that desserts are not a disappointment - always good to find somewhere that delivers on its' promises!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The food looks delicious!

Bibliomama said...

I've never heard of this place! Will make a mental note to bring my sister-in-law when she visits. What does one make a deceptively-named vegan cheesecake out of?

christine said...

Bibliomania: I use silken tofu to make my "cheesecakes", very velvety texture, and delicious, never had any complaints even from omnivores:O you can also use soaked, ground nuts as a base, it's surprising:)

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