Wednesday, 3 July 2013

2013 Goal Review (Q2)

At the half-way point of the year (and how did we get here so quickly??) it's time to reflect on my progress against the goals I set myself at new year.

Artistic goals - half-finished projects to complete

Two novels half-finished:
I've been working on one of these books, and I think I have a structure I'm happy with, now. There's still a reasonable amount of writing to do, but I feel like it's coming along nicely and is definitely in line for finishing this year. (I never really thought I would have time to complete both.)

A book of cookie recipes to finish:
This is all but done. Really. Just a couple more typos to fix, so look out for a virtual book launch imminently.

An incomplete crochet jacket:
I haven't really got back to this, yet. A friend has asked if I'd crochet her some dishcloths, though, which should be good practice for getting my tension back to a consistent state.

Avoid starting anything new until the above are finished:
It was all going so well, and then I started learning Turkish. Oops. Still, there are worse ways to get distracted, and at least this seems to be an area where I can make a decent amount of progress in a few minutes a day. I'm also four weeks into a six-week corset class, another unexpected diversion - but again, there were good reasons for doing this now, and I'm really enjoying it, so I'm not really complaining.

Health goals

Keep my asthma under control:
Yep, I'm still taking the inhalers. I had one slight hitch where I ran out, and had to wait three days for a prescription, but it didn't seem to make much difference to my breathing.

Keep doing the physio exercises for my back & knees:
The times when I fall down on this tend to be the times when I'm away from home. Whether in a hotel room or a friend's house, there isn't always space to stretch out on the floor and wave my legs around in whatever way the physio has ordered. And when it comes to my wrist exercises, I need weights, which I don't like to pack in my luggage. We haven't travelled very much during this quarter, so it's been quite a good period for keeping up with the exercises!

The start line

Learn to run at least 5k:
Well, I've been back to the gym, which is a step in the right direction, and then we walked a marathon last weekend. Which is not the same as running, by any means, but since I now know I can (just about) cover 26 miles I'm quite keen to get up to running an actual marathon distance eventually.

Try out the 5:2 diet for six months:
I'm varying between 5:2 and 6:1 at the moment, depending on the shape of my week, but it's generally going well (I did cave on one intended fast day when faced with a Cornish cream tea, and it wasn't easy to stick to any kind of diet in Bruges). I've been making it fun by developing new low-calorie recipes, which ties in well with my cookery goals.


Cookery goals

My foodie goal for the year is to make something new every week. At the end of March I was up to 12, and one behind target. I'm currently up to 36, which is well ahead of where I need to be, and I'm still absolutely loving the added incentive to experiment. If nothing else, it's just fun to keep a record of the things I try, even if they don't come out perfectly every time. Here's what I've added to the list during this quarter:
  1. Italian Easter pie
  2. Low calorie stir fry
  3. Blackcurrant battenberg
  4. Cake pops
  5. Stuffed pasta tubes
  6. Quinoa with mushrooms & peppers
  7. Cauliflower cheese
  8. Tiramisu
  9. Coconut & mango truffles
  10. Roasted nuts & seeds
  11. Spiced cauliflower
  12. Low-calorie omlette
  13. Lime coconut ice
  14. Chocolate orange cheesecake
  15. Coriander & lime hummus
  16. Vegetarian moussaka
  17. Vegan chocolate cupcakes
  18. Harissa & mint vegetables
  19. Rhubarb & ginger crumble
  20. Peppermint mocha cupcakes
  21. Coriander falafel
  22. Strawberry & lavender cupcakes
  23. Lemon poppyseed cupcakes
  24. French bread
  25. Puttanesca sauce
Reading goals

Reduce my TBR pile:
From the list of books I wanted to get through, in the second quarter of the year I read Driving Over LemonsThe Blade Itself, and Missing. This takes me to 9 out of 13, so I'm ahead of target here, and I've also read several extra books from the TBR pile which weren't on my goal list.

Reread some old favourites:
Hmm, I seem to have forgotten to do this, this quarter. I have started rereading Redwall, but didn't get very far, as yet.

Be more disciplined about NetGalley:
I've been succeeding at this, to the detriment of the other reading challenges I set myself. There have just been so many excellent new books available for reviewing that it's rather taken my focus away from other things. I'm assuming this is a blip. On the plus side, I've only got six reviews outstanding at the moment.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Wonderful goals!

christine said...

you do sooooooo much:)Well done on walking the marathon:)

Pam said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well!

Mike Harvey said...

I'm exhausted just reading that list. Mind you, the fact that it's like a sauna in here doesn't help. Must remember to draw the blind and open the window earlier tomorrow.

carma said...

you are quite remarkable with so many diverse interests/projects. I enjoy crocheting too but my work always comes out incredibly uneven since I refuse to count the stitches. Keep us posted on the 5:2 diet progress. I read about it but haven't known anyone to attempt it. Keep up with the exercise. So important especially when you get old like me ;-) I am also thinking of doing a 5K in the fall. Always fun to read about your adventures :-)

Kayspray said...

Great goals! Feel free to send me over any food to taste test :P

Visiting from SITSSharefest

Andrea Millard said...

Wow! You are an amazing lady! I myself am prone to distraction because I have such diverse interests, and have found that setting goals is the ONLY way I can get anything done... I recently wrote a post like this, sharing my new goals after six months of blogging. I'm so glad to have stopped by, I found you thru SITSgirls Sharefest. I'd love for you to drop by my blog for a visit, too:

btw: How long does it take to WALK a marathon, anyway?? :)

Angie Nelson said...

Great job! I have been struggling with staying on track with exercise, but I keep getting right back at it.

Keep up the good work!

Nicki Traikos said...

I love this!! I feel like the summer is time to renew goals and come September, I treat it as if it was a new year starting!
All the best with achieving and surpassing them!

Tracie Nall said...

It looks like you are rocking your goals this year. I love that you do a mid year review.

Shana Norris said...

I LOVE reading about goal setting, including these updates. I have some book and reading related goals too. Reading is my fave, so of course I think those are the best :) I love your list of recipe tried, too!

Jennice Powell said...

Congrats on getting halfway there! I wish I could say I stuck to my goals so well,lol. Visiting from #SITSsharefest

wegotkidz said...

These are some pretty ambitious goals. You're going to have to start being my guru! lol. Great piece.
New friend visiting from SITS :)

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