Friday, 19 July 2013

Higgidy Pies Review

When Higgidy got in touch to talk about their products, and asked whether I'd like to review their vegetarian range, I was more than happy to agree. I've had their quiches before, but I was especially interested in trying some of the pies, because (as I've mentioned before) it can be hard to find decent veggie pies.

Unfortunately, although the Higgidy website lists quite a variety of vegetarian pies, I really struggled to track these down in local shops. The quiches are fairly ubiquitous, but the pies were elusive. I was determined to track some down, though, and eventually I found two varieties in Waitrose: the spinach & feta pie, and the butternut squash pie from the "little" range (the same diameter, but just over half the height).

Higgidy Pies
Spinach, feta & toasted pine nut pie

Higgidy Pies
Little butternut squash & red pepper pie

Little and regular sized alike, these are individual portions of personal pie. Ideal if you and your family want to choose different flavours, but on the down-side, they do pack a punch to the wallet as well as to the tastebuds. (The quiches, which easily feed two or three, don't cost very much more.) We enjoyed our pies for lunch, with jacket baked potatoes and vegetables, thus transforming them into part of a hearty meal.

The butternut squash pie, with its star-shaped lid, was packed with chunks of tender squash, and had a nice balance of spices. I really loved the caraway pastry; that's definitely an idea I'll be borrowing for my own baking.

The spinach and feta was an open-topped pie topped with red peppers and a sprinkling of pine nuts. The filling was light and creamy, and very moreish, and the pine nuts added a bit of texture.

In both cases, it was easy to see the distinct ingredients, and clear that the pies were made from real, fresh food. They're also entirely hand made, which is unusual these days. I was very impressed, and would definitely think of buying these again for a treat (assuming I can find them!).


Rachel said...

I shall look out for them, but from what you say I shall have to be lucky to find them!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those look really good. I might have to try these.

Gloria Baker said...

Rachel this look delicious!!!I love spinachs and feta ! both look delicious!

Slamdunk said...

The Spinach Feta one looks fantastic Rachel. I think with a salad those would go well for a nice summer meal.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Johanna GGG said...

I am sure I have bought higgidy pies or quiches in Scotland but can't remember which - I did enjoy them

joanne fox said...

I have the Little Mushroom pie quite often, and enjoy it a lot.

Emma said...

I'm pretty sure Wholefoods Market in Cheltenham sell them... if you don't mind that they REALLY won't be cheap if you get them from there!

Jacqueline Meldrum said...

I love there pies, they sell little mini ones in Boots beside the sandwiches. They are lovely!

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