Friday, 30 August 2013

Vegan Food Swap {August 2013}

This was my second month participating in the vegan food swap. This month, I was sending a box to Sammy in Anglesey, and I received my package from Mitsu. (Yes, the very same Mitsu who I sent a parcel to last month. Sometimes random draws are very random!)

I'm really enjoying these boxes, which are introducing me to a range of products I hadn't realised were vegan - or which are just completely new to me.

Vegan Swap Box August

Case in point: Mitsu sent me some soy sauce pearls. These little gelatinous spheres of soy sauce burst on the tongue to give a strong and sudden flavour. I've seen them in the shops, occasionally, but always just assumed they would be set with gelatine, so not only was I delighted to discover that they're vegan, but I now have a pot in my pantry. You can expect to see some recipes featuring these very soon, I'm sure.

Soy sauce flavour pearls

Another intriguing product was the black salt. The first thing I noticed about black salt is that... well, there's no other way to say this: it's pink. Definitely, very pink, in the manner of not being black at all. It also has an unusual taste to it, very different to regular salt, so I'm looking forwards to some experiments cooking with it.

Vegan swap box August

Mitsu also sent me a bag of peanut crunch, some savoury 'Go Fish' crackers, a pack of Nutty Chews, a Happy Kitchen brownie, a packet of Tingz sweets, and a bar of chocolate. All of which were new brands to me. I particularly loved the Nutty Chews - something I think I might have to learn to make for myself!


Rachel said...

How wonderful to be getting the benefit of other people's research!

Mits said...

Yay! It always makes me happy when I manage to put together things someone has not tried before. Enjoy! x

Hotly Spiced said...

That's a lovely selection of goodies. I have not heard or seen those little balls of soy. I'd like to try them and I'll look forward to seeing how you use them xx

Becky Jerdee said...

A food swap, how fun! I would have sent you some seaweed snacks :)

Shaheen said...

I love your package, def. lots of new things there for me too. The black salt (which yes is pink to look at) is often used by many south Asian communities to tang up a fruit salad. Have you opened the packet yet, I think it has quite a strong niff about it too.

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