Monday, 30 September 2013

2013 Goal Review (Q3)

I have no idea how we're already two thirds of the way through the year already. Where has 2013 gone?

Artistic goals - half-finished projects to complete

Two novels half-finished:

I've been doing a lot of plotting and planning around these (and one other. Shh, don't tell anyone), but haven't got so far as finishing anything yet. I'm still optimistic for getting one done by the end of the year.

A book of cookie recipes to finish:

Oh, dear. Can someone just remind me to hit 'publish' on this project, please...?

An incomplete crochet jacket:

This still needs finishing. At the moment it's sitting in a box, so I keep forgetting about it.

Avoid starting anything new until the above are finished:

I might have accidentally signed up for an archery course. It was only one evening a week for six weeks, though, so it hardly counts... right? Well, apart from the fact that now I want to practice archery, as well as the Turkish, and all the other things... okay, perhaps this goal hasn't been a resounding success, but just think how much I might have taken on if I hadn't aimed to reduce my new commitments...

Health goals

Learn to run at least 5k:

I went running! In fact I've been a few times, and am more or less able to run 5k now (on a good day). Hopefully I'll manage to keep this up despite the onset of winter, and I'd like to get to the stage where I can more reliably manage a longer distance.

Keep my asthma under control:

I'm still taking my inhalers; at my last check-up the doctor even suggested I could try cutting back on the amounts, although I'm not quite sure about that at the moment. I've felt the running has been pushing my lungs, but I'm sure that can only be good for me in the long term.

Keep doing the physio exercises for my back & knees:

I'm not managing to do this quite as often as I would like, but I'm still keeping up reasonably well. I'm trying to find a good way of tracking my progress and keeping myself in line, but I haven't got a reliable system in place yet.

Cookery goals

My foodie goal for the year is to make something new every week. At the end of March I was up to 12, and by the mid-way point I was ahead of myself at 36. I've now raced past 52. I would have happily counted my unsuccessful marshmallow experiment towards my goal, even though I didn't get it right - not because I need it to make up the numbers (obviously) but because I think it's in keeping with the spirit of the challenge. Here's what I've added in this quarter:
  1. Chocolate mousse pots
  2. Marlborough buns
  3. Halloumi salad
  4. Vietnamese noodle soup
  5. Vietnamese spring rolls
  6. Chocolate lime cups
  7. Chelsea buns
  8. Cranberry gin
  9. Lebanese flatbread
  10. Orange & olive oil cake
  11. Blackberry & vanilla jam
  12. Coffee & walnut brownies
  13. Mexican macaroni cheese
  14. Cranberry & walnut blondies
  15. Blackberry & blueberry streusel cake
Reading goals

Reduce my TBR pile:

I haven't specifically read any more of the books I'd designated as part of this challenge, this quarter. I have been making good progress on some others which weren't on the list, though (including a few more recent purchases).

Reread some old favourites:

I reread Redwall, one of my childhood favourites. I'm not sure I loved it enough as an adult to go back and reread the whole series (and there are new ones which have been published since I was a kid), but it was nice to rediscover one of the books that introduced me to the fantasy genre.

Be more disciplined about NetGalley:

This is still going well, and I'm consistently keeping my number of outstanding reviews below ten (which seems a reasonable figure, considering how many books I'm usually reading at one time, and how long it takes to write up a review).


Rachel said...

If you find something that keeps you on track with the exercises, let me know - I would find such a thing useful too!

Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes said...

Ahhh it's great to have goals set for yourself! I need to do this too!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

I think make something new every week is such a wonderful goal!

Lavender and Lime ( said...

this is such a good post! I have a book 'in my head' and I wrote one paragraph - a HUGE project for me to finish. Good luck :)

Blond Duck said...

Sounds like fun! I want to start taking some new dance and martial art classes again!

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