Friday, 13 September 2013

London Cake & Bake Show

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013

Today, I went down to London for the first day of the Cake & Bake Show. Filling the main hall at the Earls Court exhibition centre, this was the biggest food show I've been to. And, since it's devoted entirely to baking, I was prepared for it to also be far and away the sweetest. (Thankfully there were a few savoury stalls, too, because after a couple of hours of sugary samples I was desperate for a break.)

In general, I try to adopt a strategy of seeing everything before buying anything - but even with smaller shows I often struggle to find my way back to the things I wanted to get. So although it seems like a good idea, this doesn't always work out for me in practice, and my guard slipped a couple of times as we wandered the aisles. (It's definitely a good strategy, though, if you're organised enough. A couple of times we came across very similar products from two or more different stalls, sometimes at a rather different price.)

There was a good mixture of stands featuring everything from pre-made baked goods to kitchen equipment, unusual ingredients, and decorating supplies. Brands ranged from behemoths like Lakeland and Sainsburys, down to tiny artisan bakers, and even Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital who were promoting their Bake It Better fundraising campaign.

I came away with a huge bag laden with samples and purchases - Bonne Maman jamSnowdonia cheeseHiggidy pies, assorted sprinkles and extracts, and quite a stack of recipe cards. I bought three chocolate transfer sheets, a kind of product I only learnt about very recently and am really excited to try. I also brought home a couple of brownies and cupcakes to share with Andy this evening; he wouldn't want to spend all day at a baking exhibition, but he certainly doesn't object to sharing my discoveries!

All in all, it was a great show, and the only reason I didn't buy more was because I already own pretty much all the bakeware and sugarcrafting kit you could hope to sell to me. You can find more information on this and forthcoming Cake & Bake Shows on their website.

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
My press pass!

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
Multicoloured meringues

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
Most of the "Wedding Cakes of the Future" exhibits looked a little bit like wedding cakes of the present, but this toppled design was quite striking.

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
You can never have too many sprinkles, right? These weren't the big jars.

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
The rainbow of edible glitter was quite tempting.

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
I was pleased to spot the Clandestine Cake Club stand, since I've been to the Gloucester club a couple of times. Unfortunately it was a bit too crowded to get a decent photo of the display, but that just goes to show how popular the club is these days!

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
Tilting cakes seem to be all the rage - I loved these purple flowers.

Cake & Bake Show - London 2013
More yummy cupcakes - sadly it wasn't possible to sample them all!


Anonymous said...

What a fun show! I love the tilting purple flower cake the best. Your photos are really great. Yum! Yum!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

So many beautiful cakes!

Mike Harvey said...

> this was the biggest food show I've been to.

Is it bigger that the Good Food Show at the NEC?

> I try to adopt a strategy of seeing everything before buying anything

Normally, what I do is grab the show guide/catalogue and find a quiet corner to go through it marking off the stands I want to see on the map. I then plot my route through the show for the first pass. Once I've done that I'll take another break then try and get round all the stalls. This works pretty well as long as I manage to get to the show as soon as it opens. Any later and it gets too crowded.

Jenny Woolf said...

What a visual feast! I don't think I would actually like to eat any of them but I would love to see them. I didn't even know this show existed so thank you very much for enlightening me, I will aim to get along next year.

Tracy @ Daily Dish Magazine said...

Wow! What an amazing show that is! I wish it wasn't such a hop skip and jump to get there or I would go for sure!

Johanna GGG said...

goodness looks like you would stack on the calories just looking around this show but I wouldn't mind a bit because it looks so gorgeous

Charlotte Klein said...

Your photos are so beautiful... and are making me crave dessert :) Love how colorful they all are (and that tilting cake? Gorgeous!)

christine said...

maybe not the best blog to read on a semi-fasting day!!!!! what a lovely set of photos:)

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