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Protein Bars Reviewed

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I've somewhat arbitrarily defined 'high protein' bars as those ranges which derive more than 15% of calories from protein (calculated as 4 calories per gram of protein).

Clif bar

Calories per 100gCalories from Protein
357 - 38115.7 - 16.8%

Chocolate Chip • White Chocolate Macadamia
Chocolate Almond Fudge • Crunchy Peanut Butter
 Blueberry Crisp • Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

Clif Bars are available in six different flavours (although a quick look at their UK and US websites tells me that the Americans get a LOT more choice at the moment!). At 68g they're one of the heaviest bars on the market, so they pack a calorific punch, and they're surprisingly sweet. I'd struggle to eat them as a snack if I wasn't expending a lot of energy, but I bet they'd be perfect for a walking holiday. I was impressed that even the chocolate varieties were vegan; the Chocolate Almond Fudge feels particularly indulgent.

Nakd crunch bar

Calories per 100gCalories from Protein
436 - 45520.3 - 21.2%

Apple Crunch • Strawberry Crunch
Banana Crunch • Cocoa Crunch

The Nakd Crunch range is a spin-off from the already popular Nakd bars, and like the original range they are largely based on dates. The added crunch comes from protein-heavy soya crunchies, and the bars also contain cashew nuts and a small amount of other fruits to give each kind its own flavour. The Strawberry Crunch is probably my favourite, although I'm also a big fan of the Apple.

Pulsin' protein bar

Calories per 100gCalories from Protein
431 - 45121.4 - 28.7%

Vanilla Chocolate Chip • Protein Sport
Maple & Peanut Protein

The Pulsin' Protein range has three flavours, of which I'm particularly enamoured of the Vanilla Choc Chip. This bar has a dense, fudge-like texture and a nutty taste (its first ingredient is almonds; others in the range are based on peanuts), and it isn't too sweet. This bar has a unique style which sets it apart from the other products on the market, and personally it's one of my favourites. I can also imagine it would be very efficient for travelling, as it packs a lot of energy into a small package, and would probably be quite impervious to getting squashed in a suitcase. They also have the highest proportion of protein.

Trek protein bar

Calories per 100gCalories from Protein
300 - 35218.1 - 21.3%

Peanut & Oat • Mixed Berry • Cocoa Brownie

Trek Protein Bars are made from a mixture of dried fruit, oats, and added protein in the form of soya crisps. They're comparatively quite dry, so I find them hard to eat without a lot of water, but the taste is good and I think they'd travel well as they're quite dense.

Trek protein flapjack

Calories per 100gCalories from Protein
433 - 47115.3 - 18.7%

Original Oat • Cocoa Coconut • Morning Berry
Oat Raisin • Cocoa Oat • Banana Bread

Trek Protein Flapjack is a flapjack first, health product later. Of course, the main ingredient is oats, but for added protein these are enriched with soya crunchies (the same, I presume, as those in the Nakd Crunch bars). Some flavours are topped with chocolate, which is very tasty but has a tendency to melt into a sticky mess on a warm day. They're all vegan.

IntroductionFruit BarsCereal BarsProtein Bars

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