Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (or Cadianda) is an amazing set of Hellenistic and Roman remains in the Turkish hills. Tucked away amongst the trees, there are a surprising number of large features still surviving.

Archaeological sites in Turkey aren't always well signposted, and indeed the hillsides around Kadyanda are littered with unmarked remains, especially of Lycian tombs. Kadyanda itself has a couple of information boards, and a well-marked footpath which takes a circular route around the ruins.

The views on the hike up were pretty impressive, too:

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

The ancient stadium still retains some of its seating, and although there are one or two trees in what would have been the competition track, you can pretty much imagine what it would have been like to watch an event here.

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

It's always advisable to watch your footing when scrambling around near ancient remains, but one area where it's particularly important in Kadyanda is around the Roman cisterns. Nothing more than a slight dip in the ground warns you of the holes in the ground, here - holes big enough that you could easily break a leg. In the UK these would definitely be marked off with fences, at the very least, but in Turkey the cisterns were completely unmarked. On the plus side, this meant my dad could lower his camera in to get some shots of the otherwise-inaccessible interiors (below).

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

There's also an impressive theatre which, as far as we could tell, was still in the process of being excavated, as many layers of steps were covered in rubble.

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Here are a few more photos of the site:

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)

Kadyanda (Cadianda)


Rachel said...

That looks like a great day out!

Gloria Baker said...

beautiful pictures!

kumars kitchen said...

beautiful clicks :-)

Pauline Persing said...

A fascinating place.

Becky Jerdee said...

These Turkish ruins bring to my mind the Mayan ruins I visited...holes in the earth....stair-stepped structures, references to the sun on the hour...

Midnight Cowgirl said...

What an impressive site!

Carla Bruns said...

OMG! This is incredibly beautiful and amazing. What a wonderful way to see history.

Jenny Woolf said...

Exciting and a little alarming. I love to find disregarded but very old sites. One castle we visited in Greece didn't even have a path up to it! such a sense of adventure.....

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