Wednesday, 22 January 2014

10 Warming Vegan Recipes for Winter

At this time of year, when we're all still recovering from the excesses of the festive season, healthy food is a must. At the same time, the icy weather can make resolutions waver, and increase the temptation to slather everything in cheese. (Cheese is one of my biggest weaknesses, especially when it's cold outside.)

So I wanted to share a few suggestions for hearty vegan comfort food from some of my favourite veggie bloggers. These guys always inspire me, and I hope they'll inspire you, too. Because when vegan food looks this good, there's no excuse not to make a healthier dinner.

1. If you're celebrating Burns Night this month, you could hardly get more appropriate than this Haggis, Neep and Tattie Pie from Allotment2Kitchen. Shaheen is the queen of pies, and has provided recipes for dozens of vegan options.

2. With a creamy mashed potato topping, Cottage Pie is another winter staple in my house. I love the way Jac from Tinned Tomatoes has managed to get so many extra vegetables into her version - even going so far as to mash cauliflower in with the potatoes.

3. For something a little lighter, how about a warm salad? Deena Kakaya's Garlic Roasted Cauliflower and Red Onion is flavoured with a crunchy mixture of pine nuts and za'atar spices, with some fresh red chilli to give it an extra kick.

4. If you've got something to celebrate (or can manufacture a suitable excuse!) this gorgeous Portobello Wellington from Virtually Vegan Mama would make a perfect centrepiece for any dinner party plate.

5. I'm somewhat addicted to Middle Eastern food, at any time of the year. This Moroccan Chickpea Tagine from Amuse Your Bouche is packed with colourful roasted vegetables, black olives, and spices.

6. A bowl of hearty stew is another guaranteed crowd pleaser on a cold night. This White Bean Stew with Winter Squash and Kale from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen highlights some classic vegetables that are only around at this time of year.

7. They say life's too short to stuff a mushroom, but these Tofu & Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms from Bridgid Gallagher might make you reconsider the wisdom of that phrase. Flavoured with miso and balsamic vinegar, the filling looks like an intensely savoury experience.

8. Indian spices are another reliable way of adding some warmth to a chilly evening. This Pumpkin and Spinach Curry from Veggie Belly uses homemade curry powder, coconut milk, and garlic.

9. These Chickpea Onion Patties from Divine Healthy Food are inspired by felafel, but baked instead of fried to make them even more virtuous. They look to have a beautifully moist texture and would be easy to prepare ahead of time.

10. And finally, this Wild Rice Stuffed Acorn Squash from Vegetarian Ventures looks like it would pack a big punch for a small squash.

I hope you'll agree that there's plenty here to keep you warm through the winter months. If you're looking for more healthy inspiration, do check out my page on low calorie vegetarian recipes. Or follow me on Pinterest, where I'm always sharing delicious (if not necessarily virtuous!) recipe ideas.


Becky Jerdee said...

I'm going for number 10..wild rice in acorn squash!!!

Rachel said...

Pumpkin and Spinach Curry sounds good!

rosaria williams said...

Oh yummm!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Yum, lots of good stuff here! I had no idea what a couple of them were (like # 1 and 2) but that's half the fun of following an international blog!

Pauline Persing said...

I like the idea of rice with acorn squash. We bake acorn squash fairly often, but being meat eaters, we fill it with bulk country sausage, a little butter and a little brown sugar..

Virtually Vegan Mama said...

Everything looks fantastic...I'm hungry! =)



Emma said...

I have to confess I'm mildly curious about the idea of vegan haggis. To me the main flavours I think of when I think of haggis are the oats and the spices, rather than the meatiness, so I don't see why a vegan version wouldn't work.

Shaheen said...

Thank you so much for featuring one of my recipes Rachel. Made me smile 'queen of pies', not quite, but maybe princess! I am liking the look and sound of the other winter warming dishes, so am off to check them out. Once again, thank you. As always - humbled.

Charlotte Klein said...

Bryan's sister made veggie Wellington this year for Thanksgiving and it was the first I had ever tried--SOOO delicious and wonderful comfort food. Thanks so much for all the great links; you are always my go-to for awesome vegan eats :)

Nina said...

Moroccan chickpea tag in sounds wonderful!

Abby said...

Great list of recipes! My goodness! I'm getting an appetite just looking at them! And great variety too - I mean as a vegan how often do you get to try a cruelty-free version of haggis? haha! Thanks for sharing! :)

Amanda H said...

Yum these all look delicious! And portobello mushroom wellington is a genius idea!

Bridgid Gallagher said...

Thanks for including my stuffed mushrooms recipe! I'm off to check out all of the other recipes ... what a great round-up! :)

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